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WHAT'S NEW - Plant Dyed Organic Cotton Collection

WHAT'S NEW - Plant Dyed Organic Cotton Collection

by Lisa Levi October 23, 2019


Creating colour from plants is a unique process called Plant Dyeing. You select the right herbs, plants or vegetables that have an excellent degree of colour fastness and then extract the pigment to create a natural dye. This process originated back in early China. As time moves on, the basic principles of this ancient practice along with modern technology, assists to achieve a superior result and a completely chemical-free process



The Pure Zone Plant Dyed 100% Organic Cotton Bedlinen and Towel Range feature four available colours in Bedlinen and five colours in Towels, which have been derived carefully from a range of herbs and plants. Below is the list of herbs, plants and vegetables used to create each colour in Bedlinen and Towels. 


Pink in Bedlinen: Safflower and Madder (Chinese name: Hong Hua and Qian Cao) The function of these herbs assist with lower levels of inflammation, skin sensitivity and Madder’s roots make a bright red dye that does not fade.

Blue in Bedlinen: Radix (Chinese name: Ban Lan Gen) The function of this herb assists with regulating body temperature.

Green in Bedlinen: Tumeric and Radix (Chinese name: Jiang Huang and Ban Lan Gen) The function of these herbs assist with stagnation of Qi and Stasis, clearing blood, detoxifying and encouraging rest.

Grey in Bedlinen: Myrobalan and Tea (Chinese name: He Zi and Cha Ye) The function of these herbs are hypoallergenic and assist in keeping the body cool, assisting with temperature control when sleeping.



Ecru in Towels: Chestnut Shell (Chinese name: Banli Ke). There are multiple health benefits of this herb ranging from anti-ageing, healthy skin and increased energy levels.

Blue in Towels: Indigowood Leaf (Chinese name: Da Qing Ye). The function of this herb helps to regulate body temperature and reduce heat.

Green in Towels: Silkworm extract (Chinese name: Can Sha). The function of this herb is to warm the blood and body.

Pink in Towels: Herbal Shellac (Chinese name: Zi Jiao). The function of this herb is for colouring. Herbal Shellac is a natural resin and can assist in creating light colours.

Tan in Towels: Tea Tree Fruit (Chinese name: Chashu Guo). The function of this herb is to help reduce blood pressure, creating a calming effect.


The health benefits are plentiful, ranging from anti-bacterialhypo-allergenic and a truly healthier product for you and your home.


Lisa Levi

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