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What Makes Environmentally Friendly Towels So Soft?

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the bath or shower with a fresh, fluffy towel ready to get wrapped up in… especially when you know it’s good for the environment too. Here’s everything you need to know about sustainable yet luxuriously soft towel options and how to pick the right ones for your family.


GSM refers to grams per square metre, in other words, it tells you the weight of the towel.

Higher GSM generally means a thicker, more absorbent luxurious towel, although 100% Bamboo Towels have a much lighter feeling than their Cotton equivalent while maintaining all the absorbency and quick-drying benefits.

Pure Zone towels come in a range from 480 to 800 GSM.

All towels in this GSM range are premium quality, luxurious towels. It's all about finding the right towel for you - a 480 GSM towel will be a bit lighter and quicker to dry than an ultra-thick, plush 800 GSM towel.


Towels have the option for a looped, zero-twisted or single-twisted yarn, all are different ways of weaving the yarn.

Inferior cotton yarns are twisted multiple times to allow the material to be strong enough to weave, whereas for high quality fibres a low twist count can be used. This is because these fibres, as well as being naturally soft, are also naturally strong.

The variation in the twist creates the unique feel for each range.

Look for Pure Zone's ultra-soft bamboo towels next time you're online.


Pure Zone towels come in Cotton and Bamboo fibres. Both are extremely soft and absorbent. Some Cotton fibres are coated with a waxy substance to ease the weaving process. Washing to remove this coating before initial use will improve the absorbency and feel of the towels, this is why we recommend washing all towels before use.

We recommend using a minimal amount of gentle washing detergent when washing towels as too much detergent can decrease softness. Excess fabric softeners will coat the cotton fibre and reduce the absorbency of the towel. We recommend tumble drying on a gentle, cool setting to help keep towels soft.

What are my fabric options?


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibres available with natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities. It is extremely soft and silky, and highly absorbent. The GSM on bamboo towels doesn’t need to be as high as on Cotton towels because of Bamboo’s superior absorbency. This makes them lightweight as well as super soft and quick-drying.


Cotton is a natural fibre. Pure Zone towels are generally made with combed cotton fibres, which prepares the towels for washing by removing excess fluff.


Bamboo Cotton is a premium blend of two natural materials – Bamboo and Cotton – which makes luxuriously soft towels with a thick, comfortable feel.


Egyptian Cotton has extra long, fine fibres which allow for a higher thread count and provide superior softness, breathability and absorbency.


Towel sizes are approximates and can vary slightly.
Towels weight is measured in grams per square metre (gsm).

Pure Zone’s towels vary from 500gsm to 800gsm.

Bath Sheet
90 x 150cm
Bath Towel
70 x 140cm
Bath Mat
60 x 90cm
Hand Towel
40 x 70cm
Face Washer
33 x 33cm


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