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Quilts Are So Important For A Good Night's Sleep

There are so many things to take into account when choosing one that's right for you including the material, weight and warmth of the quilt, and of course, the season. We've created this handy buyer's guide to put all the information in one place to help you choose the right quilt so you love your bed.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Choose The Best Quilt Filling For Your Needs

100% Natural Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most hygienic and sustainable natural materials available. Bamboo fibres naturally allow for temperature regulation and are light and soft, making them excellent quilts for the warmer months. Bamboo is a sustainable crop, taking less time and water to grow. It also has natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities making it one of the healthiest fibres to sleep in. Pure Zone’s Bamboo Quilts come in 300GSM and 500GSM varieties, giving you the option of a light to medium or warmer weight. Bamboo Quilts should be dry cleaned.

Australian Wool

Wool is a natural material, which means it is both an excellent insulator and naturally breathable. These qualities make wool quilts suitable all year round. Pure Zone offers two varieties of 500GSM Wool Quilts exclusively using Australian Wool, which is a superior, all-natural product sourced locally.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wool quilts should be aired periodically and dry-cleaned only.


Cotton is a natural material that is light and comfortable, extremely suitable for a Summer quilt or warm sleepers.

Pure Zone’s Cotton Quilts are available as 300GSM which give you a lightweight, breathable option for ultimate sleep comfort, even on hot nights. Pure Zone’s Cotton Quilts are machine washable.


Microfibre is a synthetic material that is light and fluffy with superior hypoallergenic qualities. Microfibre quilts are versatile, as they can be made ultra-light for a cool, Summer quilt, or, with a higher GSM and fluffy loft, they can also be a cosy alternative to Feather and Down. Microfibre Quilts are machine washable but can also be dry-cleaned.

What Casing Materials Are Available?

At Pure Zone, every detail is important to us. There's no good in choosing a quilt with a filling suited to you, if that filling isn't encased in the most suitable fabric to allow the filling to express it's unique properties. For example, you wouldn't encase Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo in a material that is not Hypoallergenic. We select the most compatible casing fabric unique for every quilt.


Bamboo is the ideal casing for bamboo quilts as it maintains the hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities of the bamboo fill throughout the entire quilt, giving you an all-natural, super soft and temperature regulating option. Bamboo is also incredibly comfortable as it is light and soft to sleep in.

Cotton Japara

Cotton Japara is a natural material that has been waxed. Waxing the Cotton helps to repel liquids and stains, making it one of the highest quality options for quilt casing. The density of the fibres will also help to prevent wool or feather pieces from migrating through the casing, minimising any potential allergic reactions. As a natural Cotton fabric it is also breathable for a comfortable night’s sleep. Pure Zone’s Australian Wool Quilts and Cotton Quilts use Cotton Japara as a cover. 


Microfibre is a soft synthetic fibre that is incredibly light and hypoallergenic. It is a comfortable and hygienic choice, especially for allergy sufferers, and is very quick-drying.

Quilts For Every Season

Making sure you're using the right quilt weight for the temperature outside can be the difference between restorative shut-eye and a restless night. Go heavier in Winter and lighter in Summer, or choose a transeasonal quilt that will see you through the whole year.

Cool Summer Weight

Stay cool on warm nights with our selection of the best Summer weight quilts. Our 100% Natural Summer-Weight Bamboo Quilt comes in 300GSM for a naturally breathable, temperature-regulating and sustainable option for your home. Or go for a Lightweight Cotton Quilt in 300GSM, ideal for staying comfortable in the heat and totally machine-washable.

Cosy Winter Weight

Browse our selection of the best Winter weight quilts to keep you warm on cooler nights. Our 100% Australian Wool Quilt is a Winter classic with maximum fluffy factor. Or for eco-friendly homes, the newest addition to our sustainable Bamboo range is a Heavier Winter Weight 500GSM Bamboo Quilt.

Four Seasons 3-in-1 Quilt

Get the most out of just one quilt with a '3-in-1' option, versatile for all seasons. Ours comes with 1 x 250GSM Quilt (suitable for Spring + Autumn) and 1 x 150GSM Quilt (suitable for Summer) which you can fasten together for a 400GSM Quilt (suitable for Winter or those who get cold overnight). Filled with 100% Genuine Hollowfibre, an alternative solution to Pure Down, and cased with super soft Microfibre. Machine-washable.

Pure Zone Quilts

Australian Wool Bamboo - Medium Weight Bamboo - Heavier Weight Cotton Microfibre 4 season 3-in-1
GSM 500GSM 300GSM 500GSM 300GSM 400GSM 150 GSM, 250 GSM or 400 GSM (when combined)
COVER MATERIAL 100% Japara Cotton 100% Bamboo 100% Bamboo 100% Japara Cotton Microfibre Microfibre

Why Our Customers Love Our Quilts


I bought this quilt when my expensive feather quilt seemed to be losing its warmth. I had already purchased lighter weight bamboo quilts from Pure Zone for my children and was very impressed, so I decided to give one a try as well. Wow! The warmth is instantly noticeable and exactly what I was looking for. This, along with a sheet, will be enough to get us through a Brisbane winter, and I'm so glad because I hate having to layer up with blankets.

Ange B.
This bamboo quilt has changed the way I sleep

Honestly, this is the best investment I've ever made. I'm a hot sleeper and sleep with a fan on 24/7. Having this bamboo quilt has helped me sleep straight through the night. The quilt is lighter than my original but it's warm yet cool, and keeps me just right throughout the night. Highly recommended!

Simon E.
Have never slept better

Both my partner and I are amazed at how the bamboo regulates our body temperatures (which are very different), and neither of us have felt sweaty, cold, or overheated, etc. I suffer from skin conditions from synthetic fabrics, and he is a chronic asthmatic (hence all the research), and we couldn’t be happier. Will definitely be recommending this product and buying more when needed for other beds.


It provides the warmth I need without the heavy weight of other types of quilts or blankets. It’s beautifully soft to the touch, breathable, and hypoallergenic, ticking all the boxes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new quilt.

Dorothy H.

I have been loving the lighter weight bamboo quilt but was putting a blanket over the top as the weather became colder. As soon as I saw the heavier weight was available, I bought one, and it’s perfect! So warm, and I don't need the blanket on top. And still so light, which my hubby is very happy about.

Sam S.

I was concerned that the 500 GSM doona would not be 'fluffy' enough, but that doesn't matter because it is the perfect warmth without making it too hot and has a lovely weight.

Tanya E.
What a beautiful quilt! 

It's HUGE, so soft, and cosy without being too thick. The loft is low but not so low that it feels cheap. It breathes beautifully and is perfect for our QLD summers. I'm a hot sleeper and have overheated in it only once so far—in an 18°C air-conditioned room. My old Tontine doona was their summer weight, and I overheated nightly. So, so happy with this purchase.

Heather S.
Love the quilt!

Nice & light but also warm, sleeping really well. I have skin allergies, and the quilt calms my skin.

Nada M.

I am a hot sleeper but also need a certain ‘pressure’ from my bedding when sleeping. This isn't a weighted quilt by any means, but it is the perfect weight for me, and I slept SO well the first night I used it. I bought the super king, and it is a fairly ‘flat’ quilt, so it looks nice on my queen size bed, draping down the sides. Would recommend!

Alison B.

As a hot sleeper who always sweats in the summer, I can confirm that this is the first quilt that is the perfect weight and thickness to still feel the 'comfort' of a quilt but does not lead you to sweat even on hot and humid nights. Absolutely fantastic.


Love, love, love these quilts. They're great for summer if you like sleeping with more than just a sheet. They're breathable and feel way more luxurious than their price point suggests.

Amber D.

This is the second quilt we've bought from Pure Zone. It's light, yet it's warm and cosy. My son, who has allergies, also has the same quilt.

Juliet N.

SO good, lightweight but still warm enough. We love it, also bought the bamboo sheets and doona cover, my sleep has never been better, and hot flushes dramatically reduced! Definitely recommend.


I am a return customer to Pure Zone, as I always find their service excellent and enjoy all the products I have purchased. The bamboo 300gsm quilt is lightweight and, as always from Pure Zone, of great quality! Goes great with my bamboo sheets/doona cover - cool, soft, and warm enough for me when needed. For a really frosty night, may need a blanket on top, but for the QLD climate, it is perfect!

C G.

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