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We’ve sold over XXX,XXX sets of Certified Organic Bamboo Sheets & Quilt Covers in our 45+ years as a family business. The soft silky texture of Bamboo Fabric, as well as the powerful natural health benefits and properties of this Natural Fibre has made it a daily favourite, and the cornerstone of our homewares offering. We’ve worked closely with our partners to bring you the ultimate collection of Bamboo Manchester that goes beyond sheets. We hope you enjoy.

Sleep hygiene is a hot topic in healthcare, and for good reason. According to the Sleep Foundation, the quality of your sleep impacts just about every aspect of your health and wellness, both mental and physical. To improve your sleep quality, start with good foundations…

Building Your Sleep Sanctuary

We’ve developed the ultimate range of Bamboo Manchester that will help you create the healthy sleep sanctuary you need. The rest is up to you.

The Bamboo Manchester Collection





Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a thermo-regulator - what does this mean? It means that the natural Bamboo Fibres adapt to your body temperature, wicking away moisture if you are sweating during the night, keeping you comfortably dry. While also insulating temperature at the same time.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, and as a highly absorbent fibre, Bamboo also reduces humidity and moisture in your sleep environment. Dust mites thrive in damp environments, so when you replace your Manchester with Bamboo options, you’re sleeping in a naturally hypoallergenic environment, and also making sure your bed is as dry as possible, keeping dust mite populations at bay.

The Most Common Allergen In The Home

Dust mites are one of the most common allergens in the home, and can aggravate symptoms for people with asthma and other allergies. Dust mites thrive in humid environments where there’s lots of food (house dust and dead skin cells!), that’s why they love to live in your bed, it’s their favourite place in the home. To reduce dust mite populations, replace your Bedding & Manchester with all Natural Bamboo Fibres. Bamboo is naturally antifungal and highly absorbent, keeping humidity levels low in between the sheets.

How Hygienic Is Your Pillow?

Our skin is in contact with our pillows for 7-8 hours a night (if you’re getting enough sleep!). That’s a third of our lifetime, 210-240 hours per month. Nothing else has this much continuous contact with our skin. It’s time to read the label on your Pillows, Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases as closely as your favourite anti-ageing creams.

Bamboo Neutralises Microbes

The natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties of Bamboo Fibres neutralise the microbes that come from your skin and sweat as you sleep. Keeping your Pillow hygienic for longer periods. Our top tip for extra antimicrobial action is to put your Pillows out in the sun for an airing whenever possible. The UV rays will kill extra bacteria in the fibres.

The Complete Bamboo Pillow Set

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