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How Do You Like Your Sheets To Feel?

Soft, Silky & Luxurious

Bamboo has a wonderfully soft silky quality that feels great against the skin.

Crisp, Smooth & Natural

Cotton is the quintessential material for that crisp, freshly-washed-sheets feeling.

Silky Soft & With Some Texture

Our Natural Flax Linen (20%) and Bamboo (80%) blend gives you the perfect balance between silky soft Bamboo and the slightly more crisp textured handfeel of Linen.

Natural, Soft & Lived-in

Vintage Cotton is our answer to loungewear for the bed. It is pre-washed to give that soft, lived-in, relaxed feel and texture, just like your favourite set of worn bedlinen.

Silky Soft & Lived-in

With a brushed finish, our Stone Washed 100% Natural Bamboo has the silkiness of Bamboo, but with extra worn softness for a ore relaxed feel.

Is High Thread Count Better?

Thread count is the number of threads in both directions per 10 square centimetres of fabric. Higher thread count, therefore, means that each thread is finer and packed more densely. The fineness of the threads makes the sheets feel softer, and the denseness of the threads increases the durability.

Higher thread count certainly has advantages, however, thread count isn’t the only way to determine the quality of a sheet. Keep in mind that the quality of the fibre is also very important, luckily there are some fantastic quality options available.

What Are The Materials Available?


Bamboo is an extremely high-quality fabric that is one of the most sustainable fibres available. It has natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities, and is incredibly soft to the touch. Bamboo is very breathable, which makes it great for temperature control keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Flax linen bamboo

Linen Bamboo blends the unique properties of Bamboo which include softness, natural breathability and being hypoallergenic, all with the crisp handle of Flax Linen. The blended fabric creates a relaxed, lived-in look and feel along with snuggly comfort.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton is the highest quality Cotton. It has the strongest, longest fibres which results in a higher thread count, providing superior softness, breathability and absorbency as well as a more dense and durable sheet.


Cotton is a natural fibre. Traditionally used for clothing and sheets, it provides you with crisp, cool and comfortable luxury.

Vintage cotton

Vintage Cotton is 100% Natural Cotton that has been pre-washed during manufacturing to give it a relaxed and textured look and feel.

How Deep Is Your Mattress?

It's important to consider the depth of your mattress when buying sheets. The popularity of pillow toppers means some beds can be many centimetres deeper than a traditional mattress, meaning standard depth sheets may not fit. We always recommend measuring the depth of your mattress to see what is right for you.

Pure Zone offers extra deep fitted sheets, from 38-50cm deep, to fit deeper mattresses and beds with pillow toppers.

Why Our Customers Love Our Sheets

fabulous sheets!

Thrilled to jump into bed and feel so cosy, fabulous sheets! Have a few pairs of bamboo sheets but Pure Zone will certainly be my 'go to' now!

- Trisch
The softest sheets I have ever slept in

This is my second bamboo sheet set from Pure Zone. They wash beautifully and don't require any ironing. Happy to recommend 100%, you won't regret it.

- Joyce F.
Lovely bamboo sheets

There is no better way to describe these luxurious bamboo sheets. They are so soft and smooth for people with sensitive skin.

- Valerie M.

My first dive into bamboo bedsheets and I 100% approve and recommend for those that do sweat a lot overnight. They are super cooling and dry SO quick. I love it.

- Bonaly N.
Best Linen Ever!

“Organic dyed cotton sheet set and quilt cover. Fantastic soft, natural feel. Cool, beautiful linen! Pure Zone service always excellent with a nice personal touch. Thanks!”

- Deb E.
Quilt Has Been A Lifesaver

The sheets are a dream to sleep in and I no longer have constant night sweats. In the summer months I’ve always used a throw blanket until now - upgrading to the quilt has been a lifesaver.

- Rebecca D.

These bamboo sheet sets are just divine 😍 excellent quality & fit. They're just perfect, very happy

- Karen L.
Cool And Comfortable

I am a hot sleeper and these sheets have helped keep me cooler at night. They are soft and have washed well so far. I bought one set and after trying them bought another. I definitely recommend them for hot sleepers.

- Rosa D.

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