Frequently Asked Questions


How much will postage cost?

Pure Zone offers Free Shipping on all orders over $100 to anywhere in Australia.

For any orders under $100, a flat rate of $18 will apply for any purchase to be shipped within Australia using Standard delivery.

Can I track my order?

Yes all orders can be tracked. Once you have placed your order, a Confirmation Email will be sent to you with your order details. Once your order has been shipped from our Melbourne Warehouse you will receive another email with Shipping Confirmation Detials including the Courier Company and a tracking number.

If there is a problem with my order, who do I contact?

For any order related queries, please email us at or call (03) 9558 1944 during business hours. We will do our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

Please make sure you have your Order Number, which can be found on your Confirmation Email as a reference.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All parcels are sent directly from the Pure Zone Warehouse in Melbourne. If you live in a Metropolitan area, you should receive your order within 1-7 business days. Please allow up to 10 working days if your Pure Zone Products are being sent to a Regional areas. All Orders can be tracked once the Order has been shipped.


What does an Edge or Sham or Tailored Pillowcase mean?

What we refer to as an Edge, Sham or Tailored Pillowcase is a type of pillowcase with a 5cm decorative hemmed border around all four sides of the Pillowcase.

What does Coverlet mean?

A Coverlet is a term to describe a decorative Bed Cover. It is not a Quilt Cover but can but can be used to cover the top of the bed.

What sizes are available for a Pure Zone Quilt Cover Set?

Pure Zone has a variety of Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King Size Quilt Cover Sets. These are all clearly indicated on the Product Pages. All sizes are made for Standard Australia Bed Sizes, however if you have a custom size Bed or Bedding, it is best to check the sizes before you purchase.

In addition, if there is something particular you are looking for and its not available in your bed size, please contact us and we can help you find an alternative in your Bed Size.


What is Pure Zone’s Combed Cotton?

Pure Zone use Combed Cotton in Bedlinen and Towels. With this finish, the Cotton fibres are put through a combing process which removes any rougher or poorer quality fibres, producing towels and bedlinen that feels smooth and crisp to the touch. By removing the shorter fibres through a combing process when weaving a towel, the longer fibres that remain improve the quality, durability and absorbency of the Cotton Towel.

How does Pure Zone get such high quality Cotton Towels?

By removing the short fibres through a Cotton Combing Process when it is Woven, the long fibres that remain make these Cotton Towels much more durable and absorbent than a regular towel.

How much does a Pure Zone Towel weigh?

The weight of a towel is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). Pure Zone’s towel weights varies from 400gsm per towel, to 650gsm per towel.

All towel weights are specified for each range. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we can clarify the weight for you.

How can I keep my towels soft?

A tip to maintaining soft, absorbent towels is to reduce the amount of washing detergent you use during the washing cycle. Too much detergent can reduce the softness of the towel once dry.

Another tip is to Tumble Dry your Towels on a cool setting to keep them feeling soft, without reducing absorbency.

Egyptian Cotton

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is one of the most desired Cotton fibres in the world. Well known for its soft touch and durability, Egyptian Cotton is considered the most superior cotton produced anywhere in the world. Characterised by its long fibres that have a luxurious feel, Egyptian Cotton is strong and highly durable. These long fibres (also known as staples), distinguish Egyptian Cotton from many other varieties because they are almost twice the size and length of regular cotton fibres. When extra-long Egyptian Cotton fibres are spun, they produce very fine yarns. These fine Egyptian Cotton yarns are smaller in diameter than regular cotton yarns, which means Egyptian Cotton has more threads per square inch/ten square centimetres, therefore making it stronger yet softer than other Cotton varieties.

All in all, this means that sheets made from 100% Egyptian Cotton will wash and wear well over many years, as well as being soft to the touch and beautiful to sleep on.

What does Pima Cotton mean?

Pima Cotton is characterised by long length, more staple fibres that create a fabric with superior softness, strength and durability.

Where does Egyptian Cotton come from?

Many years ago, Egyptian Cotton was grown along the banks of the Nile. The humid conditions and rich soil along the river create the perfect conditions to nurture the growth of the long cotton fibres that are specific to Egyptian cotton. These days, Egyptian Cotton can be grown anywhere around the world. In order to keep up with demand, in the United States a very similar cotton, known as Pima Cotton, is grown.

Thread Counts

What does Thread Count mean?

Thread Count refers to the number of threads woven both vertically and horizontally within a 10cm² block of fabric.

With 100% Cotton Bedlinen. the higher the Thread Count, the finer the yarn and the denser the weave which creates an easy care, soft, more luxurious feel.

What is so special about the Thread Count?

The higher the Thread Count, the finer the yarn, the more dense the weave. This gives the most luxurious finish.

When you feel 1000 Thread Count Cotton Bedlinen, the difference is obvious.


What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a unique plant created by nature.

For many centuries, Bamboo has been utilised around Asia in a variety of uses – cooking, medicine, construction and textiles.

It is only within the past decade that the popularity of Bamboo has spread throughout the Western World, mainly because of its antibacterial traits and its robust nature. Bamboo also offers an eco-friendly solution to so many modern requirement.

Why is everyone talking about Bamboo?

Bamboo has become a popular textile choice for bedlinen in Australia because it has a soft and silky feel and is very environmentally friendly. It is also eco-friendly, as it is grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Bamboo grows 33% faster than trees and produces more O2 per acre. It is also very hygienic. It is naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. It is also more efficient – it holds three times its weight in water which means Bamboo products dry twice as fast as Cotton does on its own.

Is Bamboo environmentally friendly?

Yes, Bamboo is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo requires no chemicals and minimal water to grow, it is an environmental wonder-plant.

Bamboo is also Bio-degradable as it is 100% natural.

Does Pure Zone sell 100% Pure Bamboo Sheets?

Yes we do sell 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets and matching Organic Bamboo Quilt Cover Sets.

They feature many health benefits and have become very popular in Australian Households for a variety of reasons. They are antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and extremely kind to sensitive skin. They are temperature regulating, meaning they keep us cool on hot nights, and warm on cold nights.

Beach Towels

Does Pure Zone stock a beach towel range all year round online?

Yes we sell Beach Towels all year round. Why? Because the Australian climate varies from state to state and if you're lucky enough, you get to swim all year round.

Another reason is because Australians love to travel. We have a large range of designs and colours to suit everyone.

Does Pure Zone sell Sand Free beach towels?

Yes! We sell a wide range of Sand Free Beach Towels in Mirco-suede. We offer two sizes: Large (100x190cm) and Towel for Two (200x200cm).

These Towels are known for being lightweight, quick drying and very compact. And the sand literally just drops off them makinfg these a perfect beach companion.

Still have questions?

If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, please reach out to our wonderful customer service team. We typically respond to inquiries within 24 hours.