The Cosy Vibes Guide To A Stylish Winter Home

The Cosy Vibes Guide To A Stylish Winter Home

by Lisa Levi July 01, 2021

Winter means getting out the treasured knitwear from Gran, and sitting by an open fire with a cup of tea. But for those who want a side of style with their snuggle, here’s our guide to winter bedroom essentials that are both warm AND will look good on your IG feed.

The Basics. How to choose the right Winter Weight Quilt?

Like a house, if you don’t have a solid foundation and quality insulation, there’s nothing you can do to keep it warm inside. In the coldest winter nights, the essential for a cosy winter home is a good quality natural fibre Winter Weight Quilt

Heavyweight or Middleweight?

Quilts are measured in “GSM”, which means Grams Per Square Metre. The higher the number, the heavier the weight of the quilt.

For an Aussie Winter in colder climates, 400GSM and higher is a great weight to keep you warm. Our 100% Natural Bamboo Quilt range now includes two weights, a mid-weight 300GSM and heavier weight 500GSM, so you can enjoy the natural health benefits of Bamboo in your Quilt year-round. If you prefer a heavier weight quilt to snuggle under in winter but find you overheat in the middle of the night, Bamboo is the choice for you. It has a lighter, more lofty feel than heavier weight winter alternatives, so it will give you that heavier feel, but with more air circulation to regulate your temperature through the night.

If winter weight for you means ‘heavier the better!’, for extra toasty vibes, a locally made 500GSM Australian Downs Wool Quilt sourced from Merino Sheep is the ultimate keep-forever Quilt. Natural Sheeps’ Wool feels heavier on the body for extra hug-factor in colder climes. 



Stay Warm in Waffle

A classic Waffle woven thread naturally traps air in between the weave, creating a toasty insulating effect. To enjoy the toasty insulation of Waffle combined with the natural health benefits of Bamboo, try our new 100% Organic Bamboo Waffle Quilt Cover Sets, available in four gorgeous shades.

Pure Zone - Bamboo Waffle Quilt Cover Sets

TOP TIP FOR SWEATY SLEEPERS: If you like to sleep with a heater or you just naturally run hot, invest in Bamboo Bedlinen this winter. Bamboo has an amazing ability to absorb heat and moisture (sweat) from your body. It carries this moisture to the surface where it evaporates, keeping you cool through the night. 

Velvet, Corduroy, Faux Fur & Fleecy Wool Trims… Winter is time to play with texture.

Like thick velvet curtains in a ski chalet in the mountains, and Lamb’s Wool lining inside the perfect winter leather jacket. Soft textures make you feel warm and cosy, always. Our new season Textured Quilt Cover Sets will give you that cosy feeling, with Velveteen Corduroy options and Soft Wooly Trim Blankets.

Layer Up With Linen

It may feel out of place on a list of Winter Warmers, but the secret to why Linen is such a perfect summer material, also makes it a great option for your Winter Bedlinen. It’s looser weave makes it a very breathable fabric that helps regulate your temperature when you sleep. And at the same time as having a looser, more breathable weave, it’s naturally heavier than Cotton. So you can have the comforting heavier feel of Linen, without that ‘sweat-box’ effect. 

Our Linen Bamboo Blend Sheets and Quilt Covers combine the best of both natural fibres, with Bamboo’s added benefits of being a naturally antibacterial and odour deodorising.

Get In The Mood

Darker colour palettes set the scene for candle-lit evenings and late Sunday morning lie-ins. This winter, we’re all about layering dark Inky Moroccan Blue Bamboo Sheets with warm-tone Aubergine Quilt Covers and a Deep Navy Throw Blanket. And don’t forget a Charcoal Bamboo Robe to snuggle in over breakfast in bed!



Lisa Levi

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