Six Steps To Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

Six Steps To Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

by Lisa Levi September 27, 2023

Spring has sprung! With the change of seasons comes a magical transformation; cool breezes, longer days and bursts of colour. Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation and what better way to embrace it than with a refresh of your sanctuary - the bedroom. 

As always at Pure Zone we take a leaf out of nature's book. This Spring we’re seeing mood-boosting colours, natural, breathable fabric choices, florals and layers. Transition your bedroom into a brighter, lighter and effortlessly chic Springtime with our carefully curated bedlinen. 


When Spring arrives, it ushers in not just warmer temperatures but also a desire for freshness and comfort. Bamboo bedlinen perfectly aligns with this seasonal transition, offering a blend of luxurious comfort and coolness that will make you appreciate your time spent in bed even more. One of Bamboo’s standout qualities is its exceptional moisture-wicking properties and its ability to regulate temperature. As the day’s grow warmer, Bamboo bedlinen remains refreshingly cool to the touch but it still has the ability to keep you warm on those fresher nights.

Delightfully Spring- pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Sienna Printed Quilt Cover Set.


When it comes to welcoming Spring, incorporating Flax Linen into your bedlinen not only brings an air of sophistication and comfort, but it’s a practical choice too. Linen is derived from the Flax plant and its natural breathability allows for better airflow - helping you stay cool and comfortable during those warmer nights. Our new season range of Quilt Covers are the perfect blend of Organic Bamboo and Flax Linen, giving you the wonderful benefits of both. (Read more about the many benefits of Flax Linen here!). 


In true Spring style, colour plays an important role. Consider the psychology of colour while giving your oasis a refresh. Soft blues evoke a sense of tranquillity, perfect for a calming retreat. Green reminds us of nature's renewal and new growth. Sunny yellows radiate warmth and positivity. Earthy neutrals ground a space, providing balance. There really is no rule book when it comes to mixing and matching - choose a colour palette that resonates with your personal preference and lets your style and mood shine through. 

Calming tranquillity; our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set pictured here in Arctic Blue.


Florals are the quintessential embodiment of Spring in interior design so we couldn’t leave them unmentioned. They capture the essence of renewal and growth that the season is all about, bringing the vibrancy of blooming gardens into your bedroom. Whether you opt for a subtle sprinkling of blossoms or a bold botanical statement, you can’t go wrong.  

Bold botanicals; pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Nala Printed Quilt Cover Set.


While some love the vibrant and bold blooms often associated with Spring, the versatility of neutral colours should not be underestimated. Crisp whites, soft greys or warm beige can act as a canvas for your Spring style creating a serene and calming space for you to retreat to. Use this neutral base to add pops of colour and life in other ways like decorative throws and pillows or a simple vase of fresh cut blooms.   

Pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Grey


Spring nights can still have a bit of a chill in the air. A few carefully chosen additions can elevate your bedroom's aesthetics while keeping you cosy and cool at the same time. Adding a lightweight, textured throw to your bed not only provides an extra layer of warmth if needed, but also introduces a touch of cosiness to your space. 

Achieve a similar layered look with Throws and Blankets from our collection here.

If you haven’t already stored away your heavier Winter quilt, now is the perfect time to do so. Choose one in a breathable fabric like our 100% Bamboo 300GSM Medium Weight Quilt, or opt for a Coverlet instead. During this transitional season a Coverlet can also offer you the perfect balance of warmth without being overly heavy.

Pictured here our Palm Cove Coverlet Set.

With just a few thoughtful and simple changes, whether it’s the addition of Bamboo and Linen, botanicals or colour, your bedroom will blossom with the seasonal refresh. 

We believe a 'Pure Zone' is a happy and healthy home. Therefore, we strive to produce quality, affordable textiles enabling you to create your Pure Zone. Our strong, Australian family values underpin who we are, how we act and what we create. Our products are created by our family, with your family in mind! If you have any questions or need help selecting a product from our range, please send one of our lovely team members a message.


Lisa Levi

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