7 Amazing Benefits of Flax Linen!

7 Amazing Benefits of Flax Linen!

by Lisa Levi September 06, 2023

Linen is widely known for being the bedlinen of choice in luxury hotels across the world, and for good reason. Linen offers the ultimate mix of comfort, style and sustainability. A natural material, derived from the delicate fibres of flax plants. 

At Pure Zone we are passionate about creating luxurious bedlinen that’s not only affordable and a dream to sleep on all year round, but also looks incredible in your home while being gentle on the environment. That’s why it seemed only natural that we combine Organic Bamboo fibres and premium quality Flax Linen to produce a Flax Linen and Organic Bamboo collection.

You already know how much we adore Bamboo bedlinen so let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of Flax Linen and why it’s a match made in bedlinen heaven for Bamboo.


It’s one of the reasons we love Bamboo. Similarly, Flax Linen is also extremely gentle on sensitive skin making it the perfect choice for those who may be susceptible to asthma and allergies. Flax Linen is also anti-static and is said to help balance the skin’s natural pH.

(The print on the Linen Bamboo Sienna Quilt Cover Set is modern yet elegant.)


Flax Linen embraces sustainability through efficient growth with minimal water and pesticides. Its durability reduces replacements, curbing consumption. This, along with fewer chemical treatments in production, results in a fabric that's eco-friendly from start to finish. 

(A close up of the texture on the Linen Bamboo Aston Quilt Cover Set.)


Just like Bamboo, Flax Linen is naturally stain resistant, repelling dirt and suppressing pathogenic bacteria and microflora that can occur in our beds. This means your bedlinen stays looking fresh and vibrant for longer. 

(The stunning Linen Bamboo Nala Quilt Cover Set.)


Flax Linen works its magic as a natural temperature regulator in the same way Bamboo does, ensuring cosy warmth during Winter and refreshing coolness in Summer. Thanks to its heat conductivity and breathability, Linen whisks heat away from your body when things heat up outside. When Winter arrives, it transforms into a natural insulator, locking in your body's warmth while simultaneously wicking away any moisture. The perfect choice for your all-year-round bedlinen. 

(It’s all in the details. Pictured here the Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Dusty Rose.)


Flax Linen fibres can actually absorb up to 20% of their weight in moisture without feeling damp. Those breathable moisture-wicking properties will also prevent the fabric from clinging to your skin. Instead, humidity and sweat can be absorbed and wicked away from your skin before quickly evaporating. It’s a great choice if you’re a warm sleeper. 

(The oh so chic and modern Linen Bamboo Aston Quilt Cover Set.)


Just as a fine wine does, Flax Linen bedlinen gets better with age. Another quality Linen and Bamboo share. Linen is known for its durability. As time goes by, Linen fibres naturally become even softer and more absorbent. This means that your well-loved sheets will gain an extra touch of luxury with every wash.

(It’s all in the details. Pictured here the Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Grey.)


Yes - Linen brings an extra little something when it comes to bedlinen. Combined with Bamboo, our consciously created fabric blend combines the silky-smoothness of Bamboo with a touch of texture from the Flax Linen. The result? Effortlessly put-together, laid-back, chic and stylish bedlinen. Without trying too hard, Flax Linen is a luxurious addition to any bedroom. 

Explore our beautiful new season range of Flax Linen and Organic Bamboo bedlinen and discover for yourself how special they are here

 Wondering if Flax Linen is easy to care for? It is! But we’ve taken the guesswork out of it with a guide to caring for your Flax Linen and Organic Bamboo bedlinen here


Lisa Levi

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