How To Care For Your Linen Bamboo Bedlinen So That It Stands The Test Of Time

How To Care For Your Linen Bamboo Bedlinen So That It Stands The Test Of Time

by Lisa Levi July 26, 2023

So you’ve just welcomed a set of our new Flax Linen Bamboo Sheet or Quilt Cover Sets into your bedlinen family - Hooray! We know you’ll love them as much as we do- now how do you ensure it lasts and lasts for years to come? 

There is a lot to love about our Linen Bamboo fabric! Its softness and durability plus it has bonus sustainability cred. A true plant-based fabric. Caring for your Linen Bamboo Sets is just as easy as looking after your Bamboo bedlinen. 

Pictured here our stunning NEW Linen Bamboo Aston Quilt Cover Set.


While you may already know about Bamboo if you’ve been here a while (if not you can read up on it here), you may not know much about Flax Linen. The Flax plant (where healthy Flax Seeds come from), is the oldest cultivated fibre in history. When woven, the stalks from the Flax Plant, form a lightweight, hard-wearing and naturally antibacterial fabric. The process is done without using harsh chemicals - another reason we love it! This makes it a beautiful choice for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.  


But our favourite thing about Flax Linen is that it actually gets better each time you wash it, making it a match made in slumber heaven when woven with our silky soft Bamboo. Both Bamboo and Linen will soften over time with repeated washing and this is true of our Linen Bamboo blend. But there are a few things we recommend to ensure the longevity of your bedlinen!



Your new bedlinen has arrived - yes, it’s just like Christmas! It’s going to be very tempting to pop your brand new bedlinen straight onto your bed and get snuggly, is there any better feeling than fresh crisp bedlinen? However, try to hold off! Washing before the first use is the best way to ensure that your new bedlinen delivers maximum softness and breathability that Bamboo is known for.

 Pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Grey.





To keep Linen Bamboo in the best possible condition, we suggest always washing in cold water (30° is perfect). We also recommend using a gentle or "delicate" cycle if you can to protect the natural fibres. Wash your bedlinen on its own if possible - it deserves the VIP treatment! As always make sure your lights and colours are separated and when it comes to detergents go easy, you can use half the regular amount of a gentle liquid detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh cleaning products on your Linen Bamboo as they can coat and damage the fibres.

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Why? Linen’s construction is loose and airy. The space between the threads are what give Linen its breathable feel and fabric softener coats these fibres and fills these spaces over time.

 Pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Dusty Rose.


Linen Bamboo will become softer and more absorbent after each wash. So a weekly wash for sheets and pillowcases is ideal. 


Once you’ve popped the washing on - don’t forget about them! Remove items from the washing machine as soon as the cycle finishes (definitely don’t let them sit forgotten in the machine for hours or days - we’re all guilty of it, don't worry!) If not hung out straight away they will slowly start to dry and you’ll be left with ultra crinkly bedlinen. Line or air drying in a shady spot out (away from the direct sunlight) is not only super for the environment - but it will extend the life of your bedlinen too!

OUR TIP: When hanging out your bedlinen on the washing line, stretch it out to shape – this will allow the air to dry the sheets evenly and gradually decrease the crinkles!

 Pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Yarn Dyed Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Grey.




The beauty of both Bamboo and Linen is if washed and dried correctly there should be no need to iron! The fabric has a natural wrinkle to it that will melt away when fitted on the bed and be flat, fresh, and ready for you to jump into, come bed time.


If you’re not putting them straight onto the bed, make sure your bedlinen is completely dry before placing your set into its own fabric pouch and storing in a dry linen cupboard. We recommended avoiding storing them in plastic storage tubs as they need fresh air to keep their soft quality and freshness.

Pictured here our NEW Linen Bamboo Sienna Printed Quilt Cover Set


Now all that’s left to do is jump into bed and enjoy a beautiful, restful night's sleep! We hope this has provided you with a simple guide to help you care for and extend the life of your Flax Linen Bamboo bedlinen. If you have any further questions please get in touch by sending our lovely customer service team a message.

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Lisa Levi

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