Scandi Minimalist Bedroom Styling

Scandi Minimalist Bedroom Styling

by Lisa Levi July 31, 2020

Alice’s Scandi Boho Bedroom by Cat Matthews @catja_em

In the lead up to Alice’s 9th birthday, I’d contemplated a few different present options and decided to float the idea of a double bed with her.  She was looking remarkably big in her single bed, and her younger brother was almost hanging out the side of his junior bed.  If we got a double bed for Alice, her brother could then inherit her single bed, so we’d be ticking lots of boxes.  And buying your child something for their birthday that they kind of need anyway is like the ultimate parenting win!


I mentioned a double bed to Alice and she was immediately sold, deciding this would now officially mean she was a tween!  So then the planning began, what type of bed did she want, and of course what other changes would we make to give the room a little makeover?  Much to my delight, Alice said she wanted a surprise and asked if I’d choose the bed for her (insert happy mama dance!). 


Choosing the right style

My natural style is Scandi minimalist, and this is the theme that runs through the house.  The white Hilton Quilt Cover Set from Pure Zone fit the Scandi minimalist brief perfectly.  I chose to soften this style for Alice’s bedroom makeover by introducing some earthy tones and touches of pretty boho with pieces like the Family Love Tree bedhead. 


Alice’s bedroom is quite small, and she does still share the space with her younger brother.  So when bringing a double bed into the space, I knew I wanted to go with a bed frame that had room underneath for storage, rather than an ensemble base. 


I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted, so I bought a 2nd hand frame on Gumtree, did some modifications, and then painted it.  There’s plenty of space for her suitcase, storage containers, and even the occasional game of hide and seek with her brother.  Add in the rattan bedhead from the Family Love Tree and you have a beautiful yet practical bed! Other space saving ideas include the stool/ottoman at her bedside table which has storage inside for soft toys.



When it came to choosing bedding for Alice’s new double bed, I knew straight away that I wanted to go with Pure Zone.  We changed over our own bed sheets to Pure Zone a few months ago, and when the kids jump into our bed on a Saturday morning, they comment on how soft our sheets are. 

So I knew Alice would love some of these beautifully soft sheets all for herself.  Also, we do try to use natural fibres and products throughout our home where we can, so the organic cotton was perfect.  The 100% Plant Dyed Organic Cotton Sheets breathe so well, and I feel good knowing that her bedding is free from nasties.  We chose the white Hilton Waffle Quilt Cover Set for it’s classic look, and then added colour with the sheet set. 



Room to Play

Alice is now 9yo, and so she doesn’t necessarily spend hours playing on the floor anymore, but her bedroom still needed a space to play and imagine.  Being quite a ‘girlie’ girl, the dressing table area was perfect.  The painted arch around her dressing table makes for a pretty feature. 


Top tips for styling a child’s bedroom

  • Stick with a neutral colour palette, and then add warmth and dimension with different textures and natural fabrics like throws, blankets & a floor rug. 
  • Where possible, stick to natural fibres and materials.  It brings a sense of warmth to the room and is healthier for the little people that inhabit the space.
  • Introduce a few pops of your child’s favourite colour and include some artwork that suits your child’s style or current interests.  Drawing your accent colours from the artwork will create a sense of cohesiveness in the room.
  • Make sure you include lots of stylish storage options, so that it’s easy to keep the space clean!  We have a number of toy baskets and trolleys, stackable suitcases, a storage ottoman, and also under-bed storage.

Favourite home décor stores


Favourite Instagram accounts to follow




Get the look

Bedding – Pure Zone

Bedhead – The Family Love Tree

Bedframe – Gumtree

Artwork – Booie and Ben

Floor rug – Miss Amara

Dressing table - Kmart

Wall colours – Dulux Pancake Mix and Dulux Natural White

Lisa Levi

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