If You Like Egyptian Cotton then You'll Love Bamboo

If You Like Egyptian Cotton then You'll Love Bamboo

by Lisa Levi August 03, 2017

For years, Egyptian cotton has been hailed as the king of linens. The fabric used by the finest hotels and the most tasteful customers. But recently, there’s been a new kid on the block… bamboo fabric.

Soft, luxurious bed sheets might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bamboo. But actually, they’re  among the softest, silkiest fabrics available on the market.

Let’s take a look at why everyone is raving about these new bamboo bed sheets, if they live up to the hype and if they’re right for you.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo hasn’t boomed in popularity for no reason. Here are some of the most exciting reasons people are upgrading to bamboo fabric.

  1. Like Egyptian cotton, bamboo is known for being an extremely durable fabric.

Unlike traditional fabrics, bamboo is made by stretching long fibres the entire length of the sheet. This makes it more durable (and less like to tear and pill) than other traditionally-woven sheets which are made by interweaving shorter fibres together to create a long thread.

Most sources agree that a good pair of authentic bamboo bed sheets will last you many years of steady use before showing much sign of wear when cared for correctly.

  1. Bamboo sheets provide even better temperature control.

One of the key selling points of Egyptian cotton is its ability to wick moisture away from the body and help regulate your body temperature as you sleep. It does this by pulling water and sweat away from your body so that your skin stays dry and doesn’t conduct unnecessary heat.

This technology is what allows the same set of premium sheets to keep you warm on chilly winter nights and cool on hot summer nights.

Some people feel the soft, silky texture of bamboo fabric and worry that it won’t be warm enough on colder nights. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. People everywhere are raving about the life changing performance of bamboo fabric sheets to regulate temperature and keep you cosy all night long regardless of the temperature around you.

If you’re using Egyptian cotton sheets because you’re tired of waking up sweating or shivering in the middle of the night, you might want to consider bamboo’s even better capability to regulate temperature throughout the night.

  1. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic.

If you suffer from allergies, even seasonal allergies, you’ll find greater relief with genuine bamboo bedding than just about any other material on earth.

Customers report a waking up significantly less throughout the night due to allergy symptoms. Even at the peak of allergy season.

No more sneezing at 3AM, no more waking up with skin irritation unable to fall back asleep.

This advantage seems to go even further, with one study from the Journal of Consumer Sciences finding that this fabric is actually antimicrobial. Outperforming both cotton and viscose rayon fabrics – which “do not usually have antimicrobial properties.”

Bamboo contains a natural bacteriostatic agent that organically prevents bacteria from living and thriving inside it. Not only does this help relieve allergy symptoms, but it can prevent you from being exposed to harmful bacteria that could get (or keep) you sick!

This fact alone is one of the reasons that bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular for young children.

  1. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally sustainable materials on earth

Bamboo fabric is one of the most sustainable manmade materials on earth because it is derived from the bamboo plant, which happens to be one of the most sustainable natural resources on earth.

If the fabric is made of genuine bamboo rayon, you know that not only are you making a smart choice for your health and comfort. You’re also reducing your impact on the planet and helping protect it for generations to come.

The reason bamboo is so environmentally friendly is because of its low-impact to produce and harvest. When bamboo is harvested, its base and roots can be left intact so that it can regenerate and grow without having to be replanted.

Not only does it naturally regenerate, but it does so very quickly. Unlike trees which take decades to grow up completely, the same bamboo can be harvested every year. And it requires much less water and pesticides to grow than plants like cotton.

One major concern is that this can only be verified for genuine bamboo products. There are many knock-offs around the web that contain some or even no bamboo and still claim to be “bamboo sheets.” These products are usually manufactured from cheap, synthetic, plastic-based materials such as polyester.

To make sure you receive the full benefits of bamboo sheets, verify that you are purchasing ones made from 100% bamboo.

It’s Also A Matter of Taste

All that being said, to a degree your preference will still rely on your personal taste. Both Bamboo and Egyptian cotton are luxurious, premium fabrics that are as breathable as they are beautiful.

Both should be suitable for all 12 months of the year and stand up to many, many wash cycles. Unless you have intense allergies or are extremely eco-conscious, you might want to make you decision based on the feel of the fabric – which is one area that these products differ quite a bit.

Bamboo sheets provide a very soft, silky feel. They don’t cling to your body or wrap around you too firmly, whereas Egyptian cotton tends to have a firmer, denser texture. It hugs your body as you wrap it around you.

In this area, no one can tell you which product is “better.” It would be like comparing apples to oranges to decide which fruit had a better flavour. We all have slightly different tastes.

One important thing to note here is that just like apples and oranges, the thread counts of these two fabrics aren’t really comparable. It’s less necessary to purchase extremely high thread count bamboo sheets, whereas for a high quality Egyptian cotton sheet you need to look for thread counts of over 450.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the cotton will be more comfortable. If genuine material, both will provide you with unrivaled comfort. It just depends on how you like you sleep and which texture feels more pleasant to you.


Because the main advantages of bamboo bed sheets are their feel and functionality against your skin (like temperature control or bacterial and allergen resistance), we recommend that you use bamboo sheets as the layer directly above and below your body as you sleep.

For many, that means using a fitted sheet on your mattress with a flat sheet on top of you. But,  you can also opt for a fitted sheet and quilt or duvet cover if you don’t like sleeping with a top sheet.

Of course, it also makes sense to grab a set of bamboo pillow cases so that you can experience that cool, refreshing feeling against your face. This is especially important if you’re making the upgrade for allergy reasons!

Pure Zone stocks a wide variety of premium 100% bamboo as well as Egyptian cotton bed sheets and linens for your home. You deserve the best night sleep – elevate your comfort today!

Lisa Levi

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