by Lisa Levi May 05, 2022

AN INTERVIEW SERIES - In honour of this Mothers’ Day, we’re interviewing the Super Mums behind Pure Zone’s family-focused eco friendly Bedlinen, Bath & Home products. This week in the last of our Mothers Day Super Mums series, we chat with Pure Zone Mum and Office Manager Alison. 

Hi Alison, can you please tell our wonderful readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello. I have 3 (now adult) children. I am the Office Manager here at Pure Zone. 

What would you say is the biggest challenge faced by Mothers in the workplace?  

I think the biggest challenges faced by working (and stay at home) Mums is time. Finding the time to spend with your kids, finding time to spend with your partner and trying to find the time for yourself.

And what do you find the most rewarding? 

For me, I feel like working outside the home makes me a better person, I love my job with Pure Zone and I can truly say that it makes me happy with my work/life balance.

Alison holds the new Arabella Cotton Tufted Throw in Orange.

How do you deal with “Mum guilt” at home?

I don’t think you can ever really deal with Mum guilt. You can only try and enjoy the time with your kids and partner and make it really mean something when you are together. Being present in the moment.

Do you have any advice for balancing home and work life? 

Finding a job you love doing can certainly help with the home/work life balance. I also think if you are a planner your home life becomes a lot easier - for example planning your meals ahead of time.

Do you find time to prioritise self care?

I always try to make some time for myself now that my children are older, whether that is a massage, reading a good book or a visit to the hairdresser.

What do you love most about working for Pure Zone?

I’m very lucky in that I only work a few minutes from home so besides the fact that I have a short commute, I have made new friends at work. Of course all the new products that we are lucky enough to see from the design process through to the finished product are pretty fabulous too.

Yes! Speaking about products, can you please tell us what your favourites are from the Pure Zone range and why you love them?

Favourite product is a tough one. I love my 100% Bamboo Quilt for its health benefits and the fact that it works to regulate my own body temperature, I use mine all year round, no need to change through summer. And I love the Palmer Textured Cotton Towels, they go perfectly with my bathroom and feel great.

 The gorgeous Palmer Textured Cotton Towels of in Dusty Jade. They also come in Pink and Grey.


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Lisa Levi

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