Family Beach Day Hacks

Family Beach Day Hacks

by Lisa Levi December 08, 2022

As Aussies, it’s safe to say we’ve got Summer days at the beach pretty down pat. But you’ve got kids, the days of slipping into a bikini and sandals with just a beach towel in-tow are long gone and ‘relaxation’ might not be the word that comes to mind when describing a day out at the beach.  

As a family-run business, we know that a successful day at the beach with kids requires ‘all the things’ and a little bit of preparation goes a long way. So here are our 8 favourite tips to take the stress out of your family ‘beach day’ so you can have even more fun in the sun, surf and sand!


Your most important accessory is your beach towel. (A close tie with a good SPF of course). So you’ll want to make the right decision when it comes to choosing one. We might be a little biased but we think our new range of Sand-Free Towels tick all the boxes of a perfect beach towel. They are deliciously soft, highly absorbent, super quick drying and the best part? The luxe fabric repels sand, even when wet so you won’t be taking half the beach home with you when you leave. They fold up really compact so are perfect for loading up your beach bag or trolley with. 

In 2 convenient sizes - The Large Sand-Free Beach Towel has four stunning prints to choose from (100x180cm). If you’re after a little more room in your towel our Stripe Sand-Free Towel for Two is a great option (200x200cm). If you prefer something smaller for the kids take a look at our Mircrofiber Kids sized Printed Beach Towels (70x100cm). 

The Large Sand-Free Beach Towel in Tropicana pictured here. (They also make the perfect Xmas gift!) 


Unless you’re in a location where you can literally drive your car onto the beach (lucky you South Australians!). There is usually more than a few steps from the car to the shore and having ‘all the gear’ comes at a cost. We love having an all-terrain wagon or beach cart to haul everything in! Blankets, beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, pop up tents, beach toys, food and drink. They also double up as a great makeshift resting place for little ones. 


The biggest tell tale sign of a day at the beach? A car full of sand from sandy legs and feet. While sand is inevitable - it’s the beach after all. This little hack will help to keep your car and house a little less ‘beachy’. Dust sandy areas with a talc free baby powder (corn flour and tapioca flour work perfectly too). The powder dries out the sand letting it rub straight off. Perfect for little ones with soft skin, it’s an absolute game changer!


Nothing says Australia like flies. It’s hot and humid and they just seem to stick to you at the beach. A natural solution for keeping flies at bay - peppermint essential oil! Just fill a spray bottle with filtered water, add about 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and spray on yourself, kids, towel and your beach gear. It works on mozzies too - double duty! Keep it in the cooler bag so it can also act as a cooling mist when you need a cool down. 


The fitted bed sheet beach hack seems to be trending at the moment and we are jumping on the bandwagon - it’s genius! Create your own little sand-free space by turning a fitted sheet upside down so the curves face up and placing your bags and larger items in each corn to hold up the sides. Not only does it create the perfect sand free spot to keep your belongings safe in - if you have a smaller bub, it works beautifully as a makeshift playpen!

Try the fitted sheet hack with our Cosmopolitan 100% Cotton Fitted Sheets prices start at just $24. Or treat yourself to a new set of 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets and use your old ones for the beach! 


Ziploc bags are one of those things we never leave the house without. They can double as a water/sand proof case for your phone, the freezer type are perfect mini dry bags for car keys, wallets and other electronics. The larger ones can fit wet swimsuits or damp towels inside. 


Not just for the home! A lightweight throw in 100% Cotton is perfect to have on hand as a makeshift sarong, cover for a sleeping baby, to wrap around yourself or kids on the way to the car if towels are damp, as a beach blanket to sit on, a couple of pegs to hang it up for extra shade….  We like to keep one in the car at all times. 

The Macy Cotton Stripe Throw pictured here. (They also make the perfect Xmas gift!) 


Once you try these Cooling Towels you won’t want to leave home during Summer without them. Our new season Cooling Towels have Core Technology that once wet and ‘snapped’, stays cool for a period of time! Not only are they incredible for any form of exercise, beach walks, yoga or the gym, they are just what you need for a hot day at the beach. Compact and lightweight, they won’t take up any space in your beach bag!


Squeezy pouches of yoghurt and fruit are great. You can even freeze them the night before if you remember so they not only stay cold throughout the day but they double up as ice packs in your cooler bag. Blueberries and grapes trump cut fruit as they can be easily rinsed if they get sandy and sliced watermelon is a Summer staple. We also cut sandwiches into smaller pieces so if it gets dropped in the sand - you haven’t lost the whole thing. 

So there we have our favourite ways to make your beach days the best days! We hope your Summer ahead is full of laughter, fun and love. 

Lisa Levi

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