7 Spring Bedroom Trends We Love: A Colour Story

7 Spring Bedroom Trends We Love: A Colour Story

by Lisa Levi September 22, 2021

As nature is celebrating new beginnings, we’re looking forward to doing exactly the same for our bedrooms. Is there any better way to start Spring than with fresh Bed Sheets and Quilt Covers?

This year we’re loving Spring Bedroom trends – from natural, earthy tones and comforting textures to bold, vibrant shades with vintage style. We’ve put together our favourite seasonal colours along with all the best fabrics for a good night’s sleep as the weather gets warmer. Here’s our list of the ultimate new Bedlinen to try out this season.


1. Earthy Green Bamboo Sheets

100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set - Moss

Earthy tones are all the rage this Spring, and it doesn’t get much more Mother Nature than a soft green - especially when the fabric is made with 100% Organic Bamboo fibre! Using one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, Bamboo Bed Sheets bring the ultimate reflection of growth, health and wellness for the new season. The silky, breathable texture of Bamboo and its ability to naturally regulate body temperature is also perfect for getting a good night’s sleep when the air is changing from cool to warm.


2. Sunny Yellow Premium Cotton

Vintage Cotton Reversible Quilt Cover Set - Yellow & Taupe

Nothing shouts Spring more than daffodils in bloom and the promise of sunshine-filled days. Bring that uplifting mood right into your bedroom with bright, vibrant yellows that will have you waking up on the right side of the weather every day. Our Vintage Cotton Reversible Quilt Cover Set in yellow & taupe is made with 100% Pre-Washed Premium Cotton, providing a soft, breathable fabric perfect for Spring’s changing temperatures as well as giving your home a natural, relaxed, lived-in look.


3. Crispy Grey Linen Bamboo

Linen Bamboo Quilt Cover Set - Grey

“Ultimate Grey” is a Pantone colour of the year in 2021, and we love the calm vibe that it can bring to bedrooms. Our favourite way to wear it during these trans-seasonal times is in Linen Bamboo – a fabric blend that gives you the best of both worlds, with the fresh, crisp handle of Linen combined with the naturally breathable, hypoallergenic silky softness of Bamboo. It’s also easy to layer up or down if you’re looking to harmonise the neutrality of a soft grey with other, more vibrantly-coloured textiles.


4. Subtle Plant Dyed Pink

100% Organic Cotton Plant Dyed Quilt Cover Set - Pink

Pastel pinks are in, and they are one of the ultimate hues to brighten your bedroom and usher in the feel of Spring goodness. We can’t think of a more genuine way to bring this look home than with Plant Dyed Organic Cotton Sheet Sets & Quilt Cover Sets. Our plant dyed range only uses colours extracted naturally from plants, which are absorbed by silk thread and then woven into 100% Organic Cotton. Pink is created with safflower and madder, which have the added benefit of assisting with low-level inflammation and skin sensitivity. A floral tone crafted by real flowers!


5. Inky Blue & Moss Green

100% Bamboo Reversible Quilt Cover Set

Spring 2021 is all about taking home decor back to nature, and we are seeing a lot of inky blues in the earthy palette this year. Offset with a leafy green this deep tone can conjure calm pools and fresh breezes in your bedroom - especially when combined with the soft ripples of Bamboo fabric. Our 100% Bamboo Reversible Quilt Cover Set ticks all the style boxes this season, as well as ensuring that you’re making a healthy choice for your family and the planet. (You can read more about all the benefits of Bamboo Bedlinen here).


6. Rich Orange Vintage Stripes

100% Cotton Relax Quilt Cover Set - Burnt Orange

Terracotta reds and rusty oranges are more tones to play with this year, especially if you want a splash of bold colour that still has a grounded feel to it. We love mixing this burnt orange with the trend for vintage, giving it an even more unique stand-out look in our Relax Quilt Cover Set. The reversible design gives you the option to go with block colour or stripes, and uses 100% Pre-Washed Premium Cotton for natural softness and airflow.


7. Natural Stone Bamboo Waffle

100% Bamboo Waffle Quilt Cover Set - Stone

Last but not least, you might be glad to hear that there’s no need to leave waffle knits behind with your cosy Winter blankets! Our ongoing love for this beautiful texture can be brought straight into the new season, and pairing waffle with Bamboo Bedlinen in a warm, natural stone shade is one of our favourite ways to do so. Here’s to healthy Spring sleeps filled with comfort and style!

Lisa Levi

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