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The Great Debate: To Flat Sheet, Or Not To Flat Sheet?

The Great Debate: To Flat Sheet, Or Not To Flat Sheet?

by Lisa Levi October 06, 2021

Flat sheets are a bit like Vegemite… you either love them, or you hate them. You either absolutely use a Flat Sheet, or you absolutely don't.

The truth is, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. In this blog post, we explore what both sides have to say on the matter (spoiler – both think they get to do less laundry!) to help you make an informed decision of your own. Here it is… the great debate. To Flat Sheet, or not to Flat Sheet?

First things first, what is a Flat Sheet?

A Flat Sheet (also called a “Top Sheet”) is the sheet that some people put on their bed on top of their fitted sheet and underneath their quilt, duvet or blanket. When you get in bed, the Flat Sheet is over you, in between you and your doona.

Pure Zone - 100% Bamboo Sheet Set (With Flat Sheet)

Why do some people love a Flat Sheet?

1. It helps your bed stay healthy

One of the most heard - and perhaps most convincing - arguments for a Flat Sheet is that it is a more hygienic option. Beds quickly become full of sweat, bacteria and dust mites when we sleep in them (which is why you should wash your sheets and quilt covers once a week in Summer and every 10 days in Winter). Some people see the Flat Sheet as a protective layer between their skin and their quilt, which is easier to wash and replace than a quilt cover, and keeps them having a fresh night’s sleep. 

2. They like feeling as snug as a bug in a rug

Flat Sheets are tucked into your mattress and provide a lighter material that fits over your body more tightly than a duvet, giving you a heavier layer on top and a more tucked-in feeling. Flat Sheet lovers find this more comfortable and couldn’t sleep without it, but whether this is a Pro or a Con really comes down to personal preference. If you like to move around when you sleep, or keep your feet in the open air, this will be a firm downside.

3. It doubles up as a lighter blanket

Some people see Flat Sheets as offering an alternative if it gets too hot in the night, which is especially great if you live in a warmer climate. You can lose the duvet, but still have a cover to snuggle up with and not feel exposed. 

4. It makes their bed look tidier

Flat Sheets can also be preferred simply for their aesthetic qualities. You may want to use one to give your bed a more “put together” look and feel, with a Flat Sheet neatly folded over the duvet. Again, this is completely subjective.

Pure Zone - 100% Bamboo Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases Set (No Flat Sheet)

Why do some people never use a Flat Sheet?

1. Tangled!

One of the most common complaints against Flat Sheets is that they all too often end up getting scrunched up at the bottom of the bed during the night (potentially resulting in some frustrated kicking about). Even if they don’t bother you, some people find that this means they are not serving their purpose at all, and would rather just go without.

2. It’s one more thing for the laundry

The more sheets there are, the more time you have to spend on washing, drying, ironing (if you’re that way inclined) and folding away. For people that would want to wash their Quilt Covers as often as their Sheets, there’s no reason to add another item to the basket.

3. It makes the bed too hot

Just as some like the heavy, tucked-in feeling, others find that the extra layer of Flat Sheets makes the bed unbearably warm while they’re sleeping. This depends on the material being used, but some people find that a Quilt is perfectly sufficient for comfort, warmth and snuggle factor.

4. It takes longer to make the bed up in the morning

Flat Sheets are one of the most time consuming parts of making the bed. While some find it perfectly worth their while, if you are already finding the Flat Sheet uncomfortable and pointless, you’ll definitely end up resenting the extra work that you have to put in! 

Don't know which side of the fence you're on?

The good news is that when it comes to buying Sheet Sets you have options no matter what your preference.

Our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets come in a complete set, including Flat Sheet (Top Sheet), Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase(s) – so you can choose to use this as a Top Sheet, or as an extra Bottom Sheet for the laundry cycle! We also sell the same Organic Bamboo Sheets in a set with just the Fitted (Bottom) Sheet and Pillowcases, if you really don't want the extra Flat Sheet.

Lisa Levi

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