Sunny Days, Cozy Nights: Summer Styling with Our New Throws and Cushions Collection

Sunny Days, Cozy Nights: Summer Styling with Our New Throws and Cushions Collection

by Lisa Levi November 30, 2023

As the days heat up and Summer vibes fill the air, it's the perfect time to infuse your home with a touch of seasonal comfort. Our latest collection of throws and cushions has been thoughtfully curated to elevate your home for Summer, bringing a blend of style and relaxation to your living spaces.


Summer is the season of gatherings, and our new collection has been thoughtfully curated to be able to mix and match the colours, textures and patterns. A few styled pieces can instantly and affordably transform your entertaining spaces into an inviting haven for your guests (and for you to relax in once they all leave). Whatever your style, these throws and cushions are the perfect accessories for a Summer-ready refresh.


As the temperature rises, comfort doesn't have to take a back seat. Our new range of lightweight 100% Premium Cotton throws are designed to bring a refreshing breeze to your space. Crafted from breathable Cotton, these throws offer the perfect balance of cosiness without overheating. Whether draped over a lounge chair or spread out for an impromptu picnic in the backyard, these throws are the epitome of Summer styling.

Our 100% Premium Cotton Throws come in 8 styles and colourways and feature a beautiful tassel fringed edge. An elegant handcrafted weave provides an effortless style to elevate your home. 
(The incredible pattern colour range of the 100% Cotton Throws.)

Cotton is known for its breathability, allowing air to circulate freely without the discomfort of overheating. The hypoallergenic nature of 100% Cotton also means that these throws are gentle on the skin, making them perfect for lounging on balmy Summer afternoons, outdoor cinemas, Summer soirees or adding an extra (chic) layer to the end of your bed. The natural fibres wick away moisture, providing a dry and comfortable feel even in the midst of a heatwave. 

(A close up of the 100% Cotton Throw; Tidal in natural with Navy, also comes in natural with Pink.)


We have a feeling you're going to fall in love with our new season collection of cushions. Whether you're curling up with a book, entertaining guests, or simply need a little revamp of your lounge. 

The Vala Cotton Velvet Cushions come in two stunning jewel-toned shades, Navy and Teal, perfect for that pop of colour. They are crafted with the finest quality Cotton Velvet and are oh-so-soft to touch.The Perla Cotton Waffle Cushions are made from 100% quality Cotton, available in Cinnamon and Denim colourways. (We think they look divine together!)

All of the cushions are 45x45cm in size and come as a Filled Cushion. The range is also completely machine washable -  please follow our care instructions and wash on a cool, gentle cycle only to ensure your covers last and last for seasons to come. 


We couldn’t go without showing you these fun new mats: Meet The Harvey Cotton Jute Mat, crafted from 100% Premium Cotton and Jute, and The Scarpa Cotton Floor Mat, made from 100% Premium Cotton. The colours of these sustainably created floor mats are simply gorgeous, we can’t choose a favourite. Lucky for us they look fabulous mixed and matched together to add the perfect pop of colour to your entryway, bathroom or living spaces. Cotton is also naturally, beautifully soft underfoot. 

(The Harvey Cotton Jute Mat pictured here in Orange, also available in Blue.)

(The Scarper Cotton Floor Mat pictured here in Blue, also comes in Pink.)


With the festive season just around the corner we’re always on the lookout for considered gifts for our loved ones that keep giving year after year. Our New Cotton Throws and Cushion Collection makes the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member or a special treat to yourself.

Lisa Levi

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