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Summer Styling Guide: Our 6 Styling Tips for a Summer-Ready Bedroom

Summer Styling Guide: Our 6 Styling Tips for a Summer-Ready Bedroom

by Lisa Levi November 20, 2017

As the weather heats up, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your bedroom. During winter your bedroom becomes your snuggly, cosy den, so it’s definitely in need of some airing out and a summer-appropriate styling update.

  1. Change your sheets!

We’re lucky enough these days to have fabrics like bamboo that are almost a magical wonder fibre - cool in summer, warm in winter! But if you’ve had a thick flannel set of sheets on your bed, now is definitely the time to focus on breathable fibres that are ideal for the summer months.

Apart from the aforementioned wonder-fibre bamboo, which we really can’t stress enough is one of our favourite options for summer, Tencel is another incredible natural, sustainable fibre that’s perfect for the warmer nights. And of course, if you love your cotton, it’s the classic natural fabric that is breathable and cool - for something a bit more luxurious, try Egyptian cotton - when you’re lying in bed on a hot evening, you’ll thank yourself!

  1. Update your curtains

Thick, heavy drapes are perfect for winter but come summer they make the room feel heavy. Chances are, they’ve gathered a bit of dust as well, so changing them up for a semi-translucent, white fabric is a great way to refresh your room.

We suggest a blind which you can keep closed during the day to shield the room from hot sun, especially if your bedroom faces west, and then layering it with a sheer, floaty curtain for the ultimate breezy atmosphere.

  1. Bring in some greenery

We’re huge fans of indoor plants all year round. Plants are scientifically proven (by NASA!) to improve air quality, plus they look great. And let’s face it - on a warm evening, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re in a lush, tropical villa surrounded by vegetation!

  1. Switch to a lightweight summer quilt

In really hot environments, sometimes a sheet is all you can handle. But a quilt looks great when the bed is made, and many of us can’t resist some kind of quilt cover at night. A lightweight summer quilt is the perfect answer for those of us who love to still wrap up in something cosy yet light at night. As always, we advocate for natural fibres on your bed, so this includes the quilt. Some great options include: 100% cotton quilts (machine washable!), 100% bamboo quilts and the 100% wool quilts. At 300gsm, all of these quilts are light so they won’t weigh you down when the nights get warm.

  1. Spoil yourself with a luxurious cotton robe

Just like throw blankets are crucial for adding a touch of luxury to your winter bedroom, a cotton robe hanging by your bed takes things up a notch and feels a little bit like you’re staying in a fancy hotel. A lightweight, soft cotton waffle robe is a natural fibre against your skin, and brings a little bit of luxury into your life when you get up on a summer morning.

  1. Lighten your colour palette

Summer is all about light colours - if you love bright colours, then of course ‘tis the season to indulge, but pale pinks, soft greys and white can all be just as summery and refreshing. Your quilt cover is probably the biggest change to make here, such as the pretty palest blush, white bamboo or a fresh white waffle quilt cover.  As well as your quilt cover, updating your curtains (see above!), adding a lighter colour rug on your floor and a couple light throw pillows on your bed and ta-da, you’re ready for summer!

Lisa Levi

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