Pillow talk! How to pick “the one” based on your sleep style.

Pillow talk! How to pick “the one” based on your sleep style.

by Lisa Levi August 22, 2022

If you’ve ever woken up with neck pain and thought “ugh, I must've slept funny last night” - your sleeping posture could be to blame! We’ve all been there! Screen time during the day at work or home, carrying babies and kids, driving and standing for long periods of time all put a huge amount of strain on your neck during the day. It’s important that while you sleep, your neck and spine are in alignment and getting a chance to rest and recover.  

That’s why choosing the right pillow for you is key. Your pillow’s primary function is to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine while you sleep. It can either help or hinder your sleeping posture. . Finding your dream pillow is like finding “the one”, once you find it you won’t want to let it go.

While the pillow you choose is ultimately going to be based on your personal preference, finding “the one” also depends largely on your normal sleeping position. Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper?


The best pillow for back sleepers is one that is not too soft but also not too firm. You’re looking for the Goldilocks of pillows - Using a pillow that pushes your head too far forward is what can lead to that stiff neck in the morning. You want your spine and neck to stay aligned while you sleep. To help with this you can also place a pillow underneath your knees for additional back support.

 Our Bamboo Pillow is a great choice for back sleepers as it’s not too firm and not too low. Bamboo's natural anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic properties also make it an ideal pillow for those with skin sensitivities and allergies and its thermoregulating properties mean your face won’t get sweaty - particularly beneficial if you are a hot sleeper. 
100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets pictured here in Moss.



If you’re a side sleeper, your pillow should support your head in a neutral position, keeping it aligned with your spine. Because your shoulder takes most of the pressure when you sleep on your side, you should look for a fuller, firmer pillow to give your neck the support it needs and take some of the weight off your shoulder. 

 A Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for side sleepers, as it’s supportive and soft while still being firm. It can give you neck pain relief due to its contoured shape and will keep your spine in a neutral position while you sleep. 


Sleeping on your stomach can be a stressful position for your back and neck and many  stomach sleepers are comfortable with no pillow at all, since the neck will usually rest in a neutral position. But if you do sleep on your stomach and sleeping without a pillow feels unnatural, look for a pillow that is soft, fluffy and lightweight in design. 

Our Cooling Pillow is the perfect choice as its lower profile will help to keep your neck and spine neutral. The soft, lofty fibre filling encourages air flow to ensure a lower temperature to enhance a better sleep.

100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets pictured here in White



If you’re not sure how to tell if your spine is in neutral alignment, check to see where your ears and chin are. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders, and your chin should lay in line with your sternum.


Once you’ve found your perfect pillow, we recommend protecting it to lengthen its life. Our Cotton Pillow Protectors have extra wadding for added comfort and are machine washable. We also recommend airing out your pillow monthly and softly washing or dry-cleaning it every now and then too. This will help keep the shape you love for longer-lasting support whilst staying fresh.  

 And of course, there's nothing better than wrapping your pillows in luxurious and affordable bedding like our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets. If your sheets are still going strong but you feel like upgrading your pillowcases, our 100% Organic Bamboo Standard Pillowcases pair can be purchased separately. (Pictured below in the beautiful and calming Linen). 

Still need help choosing the right pillow for you? Our wonderful team is here to help with any of your bedding needs. Just click on the “Need Help” button at the top of the screen.

Lisa Levi

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