Living by the Seasons and embracing  Autumnal shades

Living by the Seasons and embracing Autumnal shades

by Lisa Levi March 15, 2023

It’s a change that’s almost inconceivable at first. The days start to get shorter, the nights become a little cooler and the morning air feels crisp. Autumn often gets overlooked here in Australia, as our transitional season seems to start later and end earlier. Yes it’s always a little sad to realise that Summer is over, but if we really tune in to living by the seasons, Autumn can be embraced as a time for balance. We are moving out of Summer with its bright, Yang energy and feeling the slightly cooler and dry weather that is Yin in nature. Now is the time to start slowing down, getting cosy and really embrace the cool change that this season brings.

Just as you might prepare your gardens for the Winter months, Autumn is a wonderful time to also prepare your home. Changing out your throw cushions, adding in warm blankets to your lounges and adding a little bit of Hygge through lighting and candles are subtle but effective ways to embody Autumn vibes. When it comes to cosying up our bedlinen for Autumn, we’re taking a leaf out of nature's colour palette with shades of Sage, Grey, Charcoal, Mustard and Nude. 


Sage Green tones are calming and understated, bringing an earthy aesthetic and also happen to be very on trend. Its nature-inspired palette encourages taking time to rest and recharge making it the perfect choice for Autumnal styling. Play with different fabrics and textures to layer Sheets, Quilts and Throws and Blankets. These shades of Green pair beautifully with other nature-inspired hues, such as Taupe, Cream, Light Grey and Mustard Yellow.

 Get this look with our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set pictured here in Moss. Our 100% Organic Bamboo Check Quilt Cover Set pictured here in Sage.


Yes it’s the colour of rain clouds and moody skies but this makes Grey a beautiful way to bring the shades of the season into your home styling. Consider it a neutral colour and if you’re not ready to dive straight in, Grey is one of those shades that looks stunning on its own but is also very versatile when it comes to partnering with other colours. Depending on its underlying tones and depth of colour, Grey can be paired with almost any other hue. We love to style it with Midnight Blue and Denim tones. 

Our Byron Cotton Waffle Throw in Navy pictured here with a selection of Throw Cushions. Our Activated Charcoal Infused Bamboo Cotton Quilt Cover Set pictured here in Charcoal Blend.


One way to instantly evoke this changing of the seasons is to look to the changing leaves for Autumn colour palette inspiration. Think rich creamy textures, hints of gold, brown and yellow. Mustard Yellow is one colour that fits this brief perfectly and is a match made in heaven for Grey, Denim Blue tones and even Blush Pink if you want to create a warmer, more feminine feel in your bedroom.

Our Vintage Cotton Reversible Quilt Cover Set pictured here in Yellow and Taupe.Our Bamboo Cotton Waffle Throw pictured here in Mustard.


This transitional season is all about adding warmth and comfort. Adding extra layers of cushions and pillows to your bed in moody, Autumnal colours like Graphite Grey and Blue Mirage will not only create depth but also bring instant cosiness.

Our 100% Bamboo Coverlet Set pictured here in Graphite with the Arlo Cotton Cushion in Navy.

A chunky throw or blanket is another easy way to bring that sense of warmth into your room (and provide the perfect setting for snuggling).  

The Arabelle Cotton Tufted Throw pictured here in Olive Green with our Arlo Cotton Cushions.

If you don’t already use a Quilt designed to take you through the seasons or you’re ready to replace your current one, our 100% Bamboo Quilt is the perfect option. With two weights to choose from, 300GSM Medium Weight or the 500GSM Heavier Weight, depending on your preference. Both are filled with the highest quality 100% Bamboo fibre which is cool, soft, sustainable and will give you all the amazing health benefits Bamboo has to offer keeping you warm in Winter but also cool during the Spring and Summer months. 

If you need help selecting or styling items, please don’t hesitate to contact us over the phone or via our online chat.


Lisa Levi

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