Our New All Seasons ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt Is A Game Changer For Year-Round Comfort

Our New All Seasons ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt Is A Game Changer For Year-Round Comfort

by Lisa Levi July 03, 2024

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep all year round, all-season bedding is quite literally - a game changer. Our 4 Seasons Hollowfibre '3-in-1' Quilt has been a customer favourite for years. As specialists in Organic Bamboo Bedding, it's only natural that we bring this year-round versatile Quilt option out in 100% Natural Bamboo for our Bamboo lovers. The NEW All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt is finally here and we can’t wait for you to experience it in your homes. Designed specifically for the diverse Australian climate, this quilt offers unparalleled comfort, extensive health benefits and versatility, ensuring the perfect night's sleep all year round without having to purchase multiple Quilts. 


Our All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt is crafted from the finest 100% Bamboo fibres, both in the filling and the outer cover. Many products on the market often use synthetic fabrics mixed in with the filling, as the outer casing, or both. It was important to us to create a product that would provide the purest, healthiest and most natural sleep experience possible. By using 100% Bamboo fibres, we ensure that you benefit fully from its natural temperature-regulating properties, incredible softness, and inherent deodorising and antibacterial benefits. Bamboo's eco-friendly and sustainable qualities also align with our commitment to environmental responsibility, giving you peace of mind alongside unparalleled comfort.


By interchanging the layers of the All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt, you’re essentially getting three quilts in one! The quilt set includes a 200GSM lightweight quilt and a 400GSM medium-weight quilt. These can be used separately or secured together with easy to use press clips, to form a lofty 600GSM quilt, offering the perfect level of warmth throughout the year. Both quilts are sewn using a box quilt pattern to ensure even distribution of Bamboo filling and warmth. The quilt also comes in a reusable fabric bag which can be used to store a quilt when not being used.

  • 200GSM Quilt: Ideal for the warmer months, this lightweight quilt offers just the right amount of coverage without overheating making it also an ideal choice for hot sleepers.
  • 400GSM Quilt: Perfect for cooler seasons, providing moderate warmth.
  • Combined 600GSM Quilt: For the coldest nights, secure the 200GSM and 400GSM quilts together to create a cosy, super warm 600GSM quilt.


The All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt offers numerous benefits that make it a must-have for every Australian home:

  1. Temperature regulation and breathability: Bamboo fibres have a natural ability to adjust to your body temperature, ensuring you stay cool during hot Australian Summers and warm during chilly Winters. For a restful night's sleep, your quilt should provide the perfect balance of insulation while still allowing your body to breathe. The All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt excels in this, making it an ideal choice for year-round use. Its adaptive properties offer consistent comfort and cosiness no matter the season.
  2. Softness and comfort: The unmatched softness of Bamboo fibres ensures a luxurious and restful sleep experience. The delicate and light nature of the Bamboo fibres mean you get all the softness, without being weighed down. It's truly like a soft hug from your quilt when you jump into bed.
  3. Deodorizing and antibacterial properties: Bamboo’s natural properties keep the quilt fresh and clean by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and neutralising odours. This is especially important for maintaining a healthy home, ensuring a clean and pleasant sleep environment. We do still recommend periodically airing your quilt outside to keep it feeling it’s freshest. 
  4. Versatility: The All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt provides a versatile solution to your bedding needs. With the ability to adjust the quilt's warmth by combining or separating the layers, you can easily adapt to seasonal changes without needing multiple quilts.
  5. Sustainability: Bamboo is a renewable resource, making this quilt an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, the quilt comes in a reusable fabric bag, promoting sustainable practices by providing a convenient storage solution when the quilt is not in use.


To maintain the quality and longevity of your All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt, we recommend dry cleaning only. This method ensures thorough care and preservation of the quilt's materials, safeguarding its natural properties and ensuring lasting comfort and durability.

At Pure Zone, we are passionate about delivering high-quality products that truly enhance you and your family’s comfort and well-being. The All Season ‘3-in-1’ Bamboo Quilt is the perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and sustainability. Designed to adapt to the diverse Australian climate, it ensures you stay comfortable and cosy all year round without compromising on the health benefits you love from Bamboo. Experience the difference for yourself -your perfect night’s sleep awaits!

Lisa Levi

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