Creating A Magical Sleep Space In Your Kids Bedroom

Creating A Magical Sleep Space In Your Kids Bedroom

by Lisa Levi February 02, 2023

When it comes to styling your kids room the first rule is that there are no rules! The bedroom is a space where they will play, learn, dream and grow for years to come. And therein lies the challenge. Creating a magical space that your little one won’t grow out of in a few months but also reflects who they are, with all the things they love around them.

We’ve got some tips on how to balance fun, functional and timeless in your little one's space.


We all know that our kids' favourite toy or ‘character of the moment’ can come and go, which can be hard to keep up with if you’ve done a full room theme fit out. Instead, create a classic and timeless base using soft wood tones and white pieces that can easily be updated using cushions, prints or wall decals.

Get the look with our 100% Organic Bamboo Check Quilt Cover Set pictured here in Marigold Check. Paired with our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set in White.


The bed sets the tone for the entire room and it really does act as the centrepiece of their space. It can be easy to get carried away when styling a room but at the end of the day your kids bedroom and bed should be a safe haven for them to sleep in. Many kids can get overstimulated by too many bright colours or lot’s of toys. Having said that, styling your littles one's bed is the perfect opportunity to let their personality shine through. If you’ve gone with a neutral base, don’t be afraid to use pops of colour or mix and match prints for your sheets and quilt covers. The great thing about mixing up the bedlinen is it is one item in the room that can be easily changed when you want to refresh the space. It’s also an affordable way to give the room a new look each season. 
STYLING TIP: Many of our quilt cover sets are reversible, giving you two options for styling for the price of one. 

Get the look with our Reversible Alexander Stripe Quilt Cover Set in Charcoal Stripe. Achieve a similar contrasted sheet with our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set in Linen.


Size up! Opt for a quilt and quilt cover set that are one size bigger than your bed and mattress. Not only does this look aesthetically pleasing as it gives you enough fabric to cover the mattress and drape beautifully over the bed, but it’s cosier and snugglier too. It also means ample quilt coverage for any parents who end up sleeping in there ;).

Our stunning Chloe Quilt Cover Set pictured here layered with pillows.


A great way to inject some of their personality into the space is to let them be involved in some of the decision making! Let them choose the quilt cover from a few you’ve pre selected and add personal touches that reflect their interests. It is their room after all and can be exactly what they need to make it feel like their own haven. Have them select one or two of their most favourite (and aesthetically pleasing) toys or teddies to place in the space or on shelves or drawers. A strategically placed hook can double up as a way to showcase a beautiful item of clothing, costume or bag.
Our Reversible Ripple Quilt Cover Set styled here.


Another way of styling prints and artwork is to have them standing upright on top of a chest of drawers. These can be mixed and matched or changed when you want to mix things up.


Don’t forget to protect your bedlinen, pillows and mattresses with protectors. Not only are they a lifesaver for spills and accidents in the bed, but they extend the life of the items meaning you won't need to replace them for many years to come.

Shop our range of Waterproof Mattress and Pillow protectors here.

At the end of the day your children's rooms should be a fun and inviting space that can let their imaginations run wild while playing and their minds rest at night. Enjoy the time styling the room with them and don’t be afraid to make bold choices. 
Lisa Levi

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