Celebrating Mothers Day - Self-care Secrets From The Pure Zone Team

Celebrating Mothers Day - Self-care Secrets From The Pure Zone Team

by Lisa Levi May 02, 2024

As we celebrate Mother's Day and honour the women who enrich our lives, let's not forget to extend the same compassion and care to ourselves. At Pure Zone, we’re a family-owned business with a team of extraordinary Women and Mothers so we understand the importance of nurturing our own well-being to be the best versions of ourselves for our loved ones. By prioritising moments of tranquillity, quality time with family and investing in our sleep environments, we pave the way for restful nights and rejuvenated mornings. We sat down with our team to hear their heartfelt insights on self-care which we hope will inspire you to carve out a little bit of time for self love this Mothers Day.

"Prioritising self-care is very important but something I am working on making a priority every day in bite-size pieces. To me, it means being present with my kids before they go to sleep every night and enjoying the moment of calm and quiet reading to them or listening to them read. Whilst this moment is not specifically about me, it is something that fills my bucket. Another moment of self-care that I do most nights is yoga or guided stretch sessions with my husband too. It’s the perfect way to end the day before I snuggle into bed and read. I love this self-care routine and it really helps me unwind and these small things have become a moment for me." - Lisa – Pure Zone Brand Manager.

"Self-care is so important but very easily overlooked, we’re all so busy and the days fly by often without taking even a few minutes out for ourselves. I try to take some time to read the paper, do some mind-building puzzles or sit quietly doing a jigsaw before the nightly treat of snuggling into bed in my luxuriously soft and comfortable Pure Zone 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets under my Pure Zone Bamboo Quilt or my Australian Wool Quilt in Winter. Happy Mother’s Day to all the busy mums." - Lynne – Director of Pure Zone.

(A good quality Quilt - the ultimate self-love accessory.)

"Self-care to me means taking some time to relax in bed with a good book before drifting off to sleep. As we've had some warmer weather in Melbourne lately, I've changed my bedding to the Hiline Coverlet Set which gives me just the right amount of warmth without any weight, and of course my super comfortable Goose Feather Down Pillows. 10/10 comfortable night's sleep. Wishing all the other Mothers and Carers out there a Happy Mother's Day x." - Alison – Office Manager of Pure Zone.

(A good book and the Hiline Coverlet Set - the perfect duo.)

"Self-care for me means surrounding myself with my beautiful family. I have adopted a new routine that I feel has really helped me to destress and that is during the drive home from work, I allow myself to think through and then let go of any worries and imagine how my kids would like to see me come through the door. I guarantee they would much prefer a big smile and open arms as they run up to me to greet me. Those 3 sets of little arms wrapped around me instantly steal away any worries or stress of the day and equally sharing that hug back with them has the same effect on them. Self-care for me is filling my heart with the joys of my 3 x beautiful kids and taking time to appreciate the moment. Just before bed, I either read a chapter of a book or listen to a nice soothing playlist to help me head into a restful night's sleep." - Gem – Pure Zone Online Customer Service Manager.

(Take time to relax in beautiful bedlinen that you just can’t wait to jump into. The Kelsey Coverlet Set and matching pillowcases.)

"In my opinion, self-care means to try to keep yourself safe, healthy and happy; both physically and mentally. To achieve a restful night's sleep, I make and follow a regular sleeping timetable to maintain my body clock. Listening to music or reading and doing my skincare routine keeps me relaxed before heading to bed.  I also try not to drink too much water before going to sleep. As we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, it’s really worthwhile to purchase a good quality bed and bedlinen, for example Organic Bamboo Bedlinen."  -Sarah – Pure Zone Warehouse Team

"Self-care is important to me and being a 64-year-old single woman, I have plenty of time for self-care. I have a few things I do nightly, some weekly, and some monthly. Nightly – I do my skin routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Weekly – I do a facial scrub and monthly I’ll do a facial mask. I also have oils in my bedroom for calmness and sleep and also a restful blend. I also have a small meditation ritual if I’m having trouble sleeping. I burn oils or candles in my lounge nightly for balance and tranquillity. Oh, and a glass of Pinot Noir often helps me in many ways." - Deb – Pure Zone Warehouse Team.

"To me, self-care means taking care of myself so I can be healthy, happy, help and care for my family and others, go to work and accomplish all the things I need to do each day. Some self-care rituals I use to achieve a restful night’s sleep include lighting a candle, having a relaxing shower using a scented body gel, reading, going to bed at the same time each weeknight and definitely using my Pure Zone 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets! (Pictured below.)" - Liz – Pure Zone Warehouse Team.

From all of us at Pure Zone we wish you and all the wonderful Women and carers in your lives a Beautiful Mother's Day filled with love, serenity, and moments of self-care.

Lisa Levi

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