Caring for Your Cotton or Bamboo Bedlinen

Caring for Your Cotton or Bamboo Bedlinen

by Lisa Levi October 04, 2017

So, you’ve got a beautiful new set of cotton or bamboo sheets - but do you know how to care for them properly? Because your sheets spend so much time in direct contact with your skin (for more info on why this means your choice of sheets is extra-important check out the post here) we recommend washing them weekly. If you are washing your sheets this frequently, it pays to be doing it the right way. The way you treat your sheets can dramatically effect how long they last, and washing also affects how they feel; well cared for sheets are softer and need less ironing!


  • Wash your bedlinen on a cool to warm machine wash with similar colours. If there are any prints, textures or decorations on the bedlinen then we recommend washing it inside out to ensure the decoration is protected and the brightness of the colours is maintained.

  • We don’t recommend using fabric softeners or bleach.

  • Use a dissolved washing detergent and don’t overload the machine (i.e wash one set at a time), making sure there is plenty of room for the bedlinen to move around in the machine and be cleaned.

  • Once the cycle finishes, make sure you remove the bedlinen from the washing machine as soon as possible to avoid them being crushed and wet in the machine for too long.

  • Line dry them in the shade - we don’t want Australia’s strong sunshine to cause any fading. When placing them on the line stretch out all corners to remove creases and let them dry in the fresh air.

  • If you like to iron your bedlinen, do so with a warm iron without staying in any particular spot for too long.

  • Fold immediately or put straight on the bed for that fresh sheets feeling.

  • If you are putting them away in the linen cupboard then make sure the storage cupboard is cool and dry.

If you follow these instructions for your bamboo or cotton bedlinen you’ll be rewarded with sheets that are soft and clean, ready for you to jump into bed after a long day.

Lisa Levi

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