5 Tips To Keep Your Bedroom ‘Cool’ As The Nights Heat Up

5 Tips To Keep Your Bedroom ‘Cool’ As The Nights Heat Up

by Lisa Levi December 17, 2021

It’s official, Summer has arrived! Just like you give your wardrobe a summery update, don’t forget about your bedroom. This year Summer home decor trends are bursting with colour, and changing things up in the bedroom can give you a whole new lease on life as you head into the new year. 

So, while it’s heating up outside, here are 5 easy ways for you to keep your Summer Bedroom feeling ‘cool’.

5 tips to keep your bedroom 'cool' as the nights heat up

A Sun-kissed Colour Palette 

It’s a fact that colour can drastically affect your mood (we did a whole post on it here). So whether you want your bedroom to be a calming sanctuary or a vibrant and uplifting space, choose your colours accordingly. This Summer we’re seeing warm yellows that transport us directly to a sunny, sandy beach and burnt oranges that bring island-holiday sunsets into the home.

If Summer had a colour palette this is definitely it. And the easiest and most affordable way to bring this trend into your bedroom (without repainting!) is switching up your Linen. Have a look at our Vintage Cotton Reversible Quilt Cover Set in Yellow or our Relaxed Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set in Burnt Orange for joyful inspiration! 


Everything Is All White


Rivoli Quilt Cover Set

If you’re allergic to colour - fear not, all white everything is still a thing. White in the bedroom is nothing new, but there’s something oh-so-fresh and ultimately Summery about crisp, white Linen. It also has the added benefit of making your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel, something we are all in need of right now as we dream about our last overseas holiday.

No one said white had to be boring either. The secret to taking an all-white room from dull to dreamy? Layers of textures, and lot’s of them. Layer different shades and textures to add depth and let your own style shine through. Take a beautifully textured Quilt Cover, add a Bed Skirt, a Textured Cotton Waffle Blanket over the end of the bed or armchair, and as many Tufted Throw Cushions as your personality allows.


At One With Nature

The last two years have seen us spending more time indoors than ever before, so it’s no surprise people are looking for ways to bring the health benefits of the outdoors, inside. This trend is all about feeling connected to the natural environment which can instantly lift your mood. Use colors of bright blue summer skies, and mix with shades of green that bring the native Australian flora into your home.

FUN FACT: Our 100% Organic Cotton Plant Dyed Quilt Cover Set in a very subtle shade of blue is dyed using the Chinese herb Radix, which also has the added bonus of helping to assist in regulating body temperature. Just what you need on those balmy nights.

100% Bamboo Reversible Quilt Cover Set - Blue Mirage


Go Green

There’s something about a beautiful plant that can instantly make a room (and you) feel more balanced. Add some live greenery for instant ‘serenity retreat’ calmness. A simple vase filled with eucalyptus or a potted olive tree can go a long way to bringing life and extra Zen to a room.

If keeping plants alive isn’t your strong suit, top interior designers all assure us that faux-plants are just as good. You’ll get the harmonious vibes you’re after but without any of the upkeep, except for a little dusting off every now and then!

Go green


Drop The Weight

We’re talking bedding weight! The quilt you choose for the warmer months can be the difference between a good night's sleep or not. Our top pick for Summer is the Bamboo Quilt 300GSM Medium Weight. Bamboo is not only the softest (even more so than your high thread count Cotton), but it’s thermo-regulating properties that keep you warm through Winter will also help to keep you cool during the hot, Australian Summer.

Bamboo also naturally wicks away moisture from the body, keeping the sweat off your skin and helping you stay dry. So for those who like a snuggly bed all year round it’s the best choice.

Bamboo 300GSM Medium Weight




Lisa Levi

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