Thread Count & Bamboo Sheets - Does it make a difference?

Thread Count & Bamboo Sheets - Does it make a difference?

by Lisa Levi July 15, 2021

Thread Count & Bamboo Sheets. Does it still make a difference?

It’s forever been a symbol of luxury. The higher the Thread Count (TC) in their Egyptian Cotton Sheets, the more expensive the hotel is… but what about the Thread Count of Bamboo? Does it still mean an elevated product? Let’s get into it…

Pure Zone Australia - Thread Count and Bamboo

What is a Thread Count?

Thread Count literally means the number of threads woven together per ten square centimetres of fabric. Both lengthwise and widthwise threads in the weave are counted within ten square centimetres, giving the material its Thread Count.

Why is a higher Thread Count considered better?

The finer the thread, the more threads it is possible to weave into the same surface area compared to thicker threads. So it’s the fact that the thread is finer, rather than the number of them that gives higher Thread Count Sheets their extra soft and silky feel. Higher Thread Count Sheets are also supposed to get softer over time.

Pure Zone 100% Organic Bamboo Bed Sheet SetsPure Zone 375 TC Bamboo Sheet Sets

Can you use Thread Count to compare Cotton and Bamboo?

Have you felt our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets? If you could run your hand over our standard 375 TC Thread Count Bamboo Sheets, and then do the same over our most premium 1,000 TC Cotton Sheets, you would understand instantly that Thread Count is no way to compare these two fabrics. They are simply too different.

Pure Zone Premium 1,000 TC Cotton Sheets

Pure Zone 1,000 TC Cotton Sheet Sets

The beauty of Bamboo

Before they become a woven sheet of material, the original Bamboo plant fibres are much longer and more durable than Cotton fibres. This means that you can weave less Bamboo fibres together to create a single strong thread. Compared to cotton fibres which are short, it takes many more cotton fibres to create a long single thread of cotton.

Bamboo fibres are also naturally more silky and soft in hand-feel compared to Cotton. So the result once Bamboo Threads have been woven into a Bed Sheet is already ahead of the game in silkiness, regardless of Thread Count.

Pure Zone - Bamboo and Thread Count - Does it make a difference

So... if Thread Count is less relevant for Bamboo Bedlinen, what else should you look for?

Bamboo Sheets have so many other incredible benefits to list on your “Pros” list for Bamboo. They are 100% biodegradable, and are a more sustainable option as Bamboo requires only a third the amount of water to grow compared to Cotton. They are naturally deodorising, temperature regulating, antibacterial and they dry much faster than Cotton after a wash!

So while Thread Count is a feature of all Bed Sheets, it’s certainly not as important to consider if you’re choosing between Cotton or Bamboo Bedlinen.

Pure Zone 100% Organic Bamboo Reversible Quilt Cover SetsPure Zone 375 TC 100% Organic Bamboo Reversible Quilt Cover Set

When comparing natural fabrics, a great indicator of quality to look out for is the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification on a product. This certification is one of the world-leading textile standards which ensures that no harmful chemicals or substances have been used in the entire production process. It’s a level-up from standard Organic Certification, which only covers the original raw material (the bamboo or cotton fibres), and does not certify the production process, the colour dying, or any additional materials in the final product - buttons and thread for example.

The Conclusion

Yes Thread Count matters, but not in a direct comparison between Cotton and Bamboo. You simply can’t compare these fabrics based on Thread Count. And everyone has their own preferences. Some will love the natural silky feeling of Bamboo. Some will still want that crisp fresh Cotton-feel of an Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet. Some lust for the raw natural texture of a Linen blend (see our new Linen Bamboo Sheets for the best of both worlds!). 

It’s more: Apples or pears. Not apples or better apples... 


All Pure Zone 100% Organic Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification, and are available in super silky 375TC and 750TC.

Lisa Levi

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