The Robe! What’s all the fuss about? We help you choose the right one...

The Robe! What’s all the fuss about? We help you choose the right one...

by Lisa Levi July 05, 2022

Bathrobe, dressing gown, wrap around, house-coat, morning dress, kimono…. They go by many names depending on what part of the world you’re from. Whatever you call them, one thing is for sure…. Robes are the perfect addition to your family’s loungewear look.

They cover your body from the cold, or help you dry off while luxuriously wrapping you in warmth. They also look excellent as an overcoat for those quick evening trips to the supermarket… no? Just us? 


We would go as far as to say the Robe will be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you’ll ever own, there’s really no situation around the home where you can’t wear a Robe. They are perfect for when you first get out of bed, to have ready on hand to slip into after a hot shower or bath, to cover up quickly if you get an unexpected visitor at the door and nothing feels better during the colder months than cuddling up on the couch with your favourite hot drink in a snuggly Robe. You’ll also find your pets will naturally gravitate towards your lap when you're wearing one.Lisa wears our Plush Robe in Ribbed pictured here in Pink .


To help you in your quest for the perfect Robe, let’s take a look at the two different Robes in our collection and show you the top features to consider so you can benefit most from your Robe, and get the maximum comfort and relaxation levels possible.

The ultra soft and luxurious Pure Zone Plush Robes come in two different styles, Ribbed and Zig Zag. We designed them with style and cold-weather comfort in mind. Who said robes were just for the evening? Certainly not us! Whether you’re working from home and want to be completely comfortable or just love the feel of being cozy and warm without having to crank up the heating all day. Plus, yes they have pockets and come in a stunning range of colours: Latte, Grey, Pink and Midnight Blue.

Our Plush Robe in Zig Zag and Ribbed pictured here in Grey Latte and Pink .


PLUSH ROBE BONUS TIP: Our Plush Robe’s make the perfect, extra special gift for a friend or loved one. We like to gift them to new Mumma’s as we know how much time is spent holding new bubba or entertaining guests at short notice and comfort is the top priority. 

If you’re someone who loves to step straight from the shower or bath into a Robe then the 100% Bamboo Robes are going to be your best option. Bamboo dries six times faster than Cotton and wicks moisture away from your skin, getting you drier faster. It is also hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial so you can leave it hanging in the bathroom without the risk of it getting damp and smelly.  They also come in 4 beautiful colours: Linen, White, Lavender and Charcoal

BAMBOO BONUS TIP: A 100% Bamboo Robe can be used all year round due to their temperature regulating properties, keeping you cool in Summer and extra warm through the Winter months. 

Our 100% Bamboo Robe pictured here in White. Also comes in Linen, Lavender and Charcoal.


Given that you'll be wearing your Robe quite frequently, especially during Winter, it needs to be washed and cared for to keep it looking as luxurious as the day you bought it. As a general rule we would recommend washing your Robe at least every few weeks. Remove the belt, turn the robe inside out and using a mild detergent, wash on a cold, delicate cycle if possible without other clothing.

Stay away from fabric softeners, bleach or dry cleaning as these chemicals can weaken the fibres in the fabrics and make them less absorbent, this is especially important for the 100% Bamboo Robes

And, finally, to keep your robe looking fresh and unwrinkled, allow it to dry completely on a hanger away from sunlight before storing in your bedroom or bathroom ready to use. Don’t be tempted to use the dryer - if you can’t survive a day without your Robe it’s a good idea to have a spare in rotation ;) 

With a little love, your Pure Zone Robes should last you for years to come!

Get cozy with the Plush Robe Ribbed pictured here in Midnight Blue, also comes in Latte, Grey, Pink 

Lisa Levi

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