It’s Cold Outside: 9  Easy Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Haven This Winter

It’s Cold Outside: 9 Easy Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Haven This Winter

by Lisa Levi June 19, 2017

Frosty nights, grey skies and biting wind. When winter hits there’s nothing better than luxuriating safe and cosy in your warm comfy bedroom.

Transforming your room for winter can be done easily in one grey Sunday afternoon and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With these simple tricks you’ll feel like you’re snuggled up in the lap of luxury somewhere in the Swiss Alps, all for the cost of a few simple items (or nothing at all if you happen to have these tucked away in storage).

1. Change your bed linen. Flannel is the cosiest bedding you can find, in fact, unless you live at the South Pole it’s really only suitable for the coldest months of the year. If there is a winter bedding, this is it! Alternatively, bamboo sheets or Egyptian cotton sheets are both warmer options that will help keep you cosy in winter.


2. Soft lighting instantly warms up the atmosphere. A  warm-toned lamp shade will give a lovely glow and can add a touch of colour to the room even when not lit. For a modern industrial look vintage-style, exposed globes have a naturally warm light, and they even come in energy-efficient LEDs now. Candlelight, of course, is the ultimate for warming up the atmosphere. 100% beeswax candles have the added benefit of naturally purifying the air in the room and have a subtle honeyed scent.

3. Up the cosy factor with a warm bed quilt. Australian wool is one of the warmest natural fibres available. Bamboo is a wonderful quilt option for winter as it is naturally great for temperature regulation, keeping you cosy on cold nights. Microfibre is a hypoallergenic alternative to down that is also warm, lightweight and fluffy. 

4. A throw blanket on the bed will keep you warm on the coldest nights and is one of the easiest ways to update your room aesthetically. Throw blankets come in all colours and styles so will suit any interior. Whether soft bamboo or a heavier weight knit, the blanket is also an easy way to add some texture.

5. Pop a rug on the ground. If you have cold floors like polished concrete or floor boards then this is especially important, but even if you have carpet in your bedroom textiles create a sense of warmth and cosiness.

6. De-clutter your room. It might be tempting to think that ‘more is more’ in winter, but as we are bringing in some new elements to the room it’s important not to let it become overcrowded and cluttered. Scandinavian style is the ultimate example of cosy minimalism and shows that a few key elements are more important than an overabundance of ‘stuff’.

7. Look to your windows, they’re a major source of heat loss in winter. Where sheer curtains are beautiful and airy in summer a thicker blind or curtain will keep warmth in and cold out in winter.

8. Bring an indoor plant into the bedroom. It’s often harder to encourage natural ventilation in a bedroom with the windows tightly closed in winter, so an indoor plant is a great way to keep the air fresh and purified. There are hundreds of fantastic indoor plants, but a special shout out goes to the peace-lily. As well as removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen as all plants do, this humble lily was shown by NASA in their clean air study to remove all five of the most commonly occurring toxic air chemicals.

9. Adopt a pet! Half in jest but all in earnest, is there anything cosier than a purring kitty? Cat or dog, sharing your newly warm and cosy space with an adopted pet this winter has to provide the warmest feeling there is: love.

Lisa Levi

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