9 Easy Ways To Care For Your Bamboo Bedlinen

9 Easy Ways To Care For Your Bamboo Bedlinen

by Lisa Levi September 08, 2021

The benefits of sleeping with our Organic Bamboo Bedlinen are seemingly endless, from its natural temperature regulation and antibacterial properties to its incredible status as one of the most sustainable, kindest materials for our planet.

If you’ve already purchased Bamboo Bedlinen, or are thinking about doing so, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s also easy to look after! For all its silky softness, Bamboo fabric is not a challenging material like silk which you should be concerned about accidentally ruining. With the right simple care, Bamboo Bedlinen can be enjoyed for years and years. Here are all the tips you need to know.

1. Wash your Bamboo Bedlinen weekly 

Your Bamboo Bedlinen is touching your skin, your face and yep - your sweat! - every night. Our No.1 tip for healthy sleeps is to wash your sheets every 7 days to get rid of bacteria. If you’re worried about over-washing, don’t be. If you follow the rest of our tips you can wash your Bedlinen regularly and keep it silky soft.

2. Wash on a cold, gentle cycle

You probably already know that cold-washing is recommended for delicate fabrics, but this is also true for resilient Bamboo. Very high heat breaks down the fabric and dyes of any material, causing shrinkage and fading over time. A gentle 30C wash will care for your Bamboo Bedlinen while still removing dirt, stains and bacteria. 

3. Go easy on the detergent

This is possibly the most important tip we have when it comes to making sure your Bamboo fabric stays soft and lasts many years! Using too much washing detergent will not only make your sheets feel more stiff and possibly crunchy over time – a build up will also affect the absorbency and breathability of the fabric. 

We advise using around half the recommended amount on the packet. This also gives you the added bonus of needing to buy detergent half as often!

Image: 100% Bamboo Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases Set (No Flat Sheet)

4. Don’t use fabric softener

Using fabric softener is not only unnecessary – our Bamboo Bedlinen is naturally silky soft without it – but also unfavourable. Fabric softener works by creating a light film over the top of the fabric, which hugely affects its absorbency. 

5. Remove from the washing machine ASAP

Try and remove your sheets from the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished. The longer your Bamboo Bedlinen sits there wet and crinkled, the more likely it will begin to dry while its intertwined and need ironing for a smooth finish.

6. Air-dry on the washing line

There are so many benefits to line-drying your Bedlinen rather than putting it through a tumble dryer. Allowing air to flow through and dry the bamboo fabric naturally will give you fresher sheets and fewer wrinkles as well as saving on your energy bill and being kinder to the environment. We recommend stretching your Bamboo Bedlinen over the line in the shade if possible, as the sun could fade the colours over time if it’s regularly hitting the same spots.

Note: As Bamboo fabric comes out of the washer it may feel stiff and hard, but as soon as the air flows through the silky softness returns!

Image: 100% Bamboo Printed Stripe Quilt Cover Set

7. Iron on a low heat (if at all)

We tend not to iron Bamboo Bedlinen at all, as following the steps above will give you a naturally smooth finish. If you want yours to be 100% wrinkle-free, however, you can iron gently on a low heat.

8. Store properly

All our Bamboo Bedlinen now comes with self-fabric pouches, made with 100% Organic Bamboo, which can be reused to store your sheets. This isn’t necessary though - so long as they are stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and away from any materials which could transfer toxins (such as cardboard) or cause a build up of mildew (like plastic). 

Many of our customers also use their reusable pouches to store their delicate personal items such as underwear, or as a small travel bag. 

9. Don’t be scared of overuse!

We’ll mention it one last time - our Organic Bamboo fabric is built to last! Don’t be concerned about overusing or overwashing your Bamboo Bedlinen. If you follow our tips above, you’ll be able to enjoy all of its benefits for many years.

Image: 100% Bamboo Sheet Sets


Caring for our other Bamboo fabrics

At Pure Zone our Organic Bamboo Bedlinen range includes 100% Bamboo Sheet Sets, 100% Bamboo Fitted Sheet And Pillowcase Sets and 100% Bamboo Quilt Cover Sets.

We also provide Bamboo Towels, Bamboo Bath Robes, Linen Bamboo Sheet Sets, Linen Bamboo Quilt Cover Sets. While these are heavier fabrics, and take slightly longer to dry, we recommend following the same care guide as our Bamboo Bedlinen to keep them in tip-top shape.

Lisa Levi

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