10 Top Cooling Tips For Hot Sleepers

10 Top Cooling Tips For Hot Sleepers

by Lisa Levi October 20, 2021

Summer is coming and the nights are heating up, but that doesn’t have to mean waving goodbye to comfort. Whether you experience hot flushes, night sweats or simply can’t stand the bedroom being above the recommended 18.3°C, here are our top tips for staying cool while you sleep.

1. Wear Light Pyjamas

Making sure you’re going to bed wearing the right kind of PJs is key to not getting too hot during warmer weather. Natural materials such as Linen, Cotton and Bamboo allow more airflow than synthetic fabrics and are much better at keeping your skin cool by quickly soaking up any moisture. Linen comes out top as the lightest material and is usually a favourite choice.

2. Have Everything Bamboo

Your Sheets, Quilt Cover Sets, Quilt, Pillow… having all of these in soft, breathable Bamboo fabric is a sure way to keep overheating at a minimum. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than Cotton and quickly absorbs sweat, carrying it away from the body and evaporating it into the air to keep you cool. Bamboo is naturally odour-neutralising too with its antimicrobial properties, so even the sweatiest sleepers will have no problem keeping their Bedlinen feeling fresh.  If you’re on the fence about making the switch to Bamboo, we also have a Linen Bamboo fabric blend, which combines the cooling benefits of both materials. You can read all about Linen Bamboo here.

Pure Zone 100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets, Quilt Cover Sets, Medium Weight Quilts & Pillows

3. Be Mindful Of What's Under Your Bedlinen

It’s not just your Bedlinen that makes a difference – your mattress and pillow protectors can have a big impact on temperature too! Make sure that these also use natural materials, such as the Bamboo Mattress Protector and Bamboo Pillow Protectors, rather than synthetic. Otherwise heat will get trapped, no matter how breathable your Sheets are.

4. Apply Cold Water To Your Pulse Points

If you don’t enjoy having a full body cold shower before bed, this is a great trick for quickly cooling down your body temperature. Pulse points are parts of the body where your blood vessels are close to the skin – your neck, wrists, feet and the inside of your ankles, elbows & knees. By running these under a cold tap, sprinkling cold water on them or applying a cold compress, you can cool down your blood as it passes through to the rest of your body.

5. Use A Cooling Pillow

Yep, it exists! The Cooling Pillow is designed to help keep you cool using a special airflow surface that encourages breathability through release of internal heat build up. The soft, lofty fibre filling encourages air flow to ensure a lower temperature and enhance a better sleep.

Pure Zone Cooling Pillow

6. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is vital to staying cool and to keeping healthy in general, which in turn can have a huge impact on how easy it is to nod off. Dehydration can lead to headaches, dry mouth and muscle aches that keep you tossing and turning through a hot night, heating you up even more. Drink water regularly throughout the day, not just before bed, for maximum wellbeing – and to avoid needing to get up and pee!

7. Keep Your Room Cool During The Day

Stay ahead of the game and don’t let your room get too hot during the day. Keep it ventilated with fresh air by cracking a window, and use thick curtains if you need to shield any direct sunlight. This will also keep your mattress and Bedlinen cooler for when you climb into bed.

8. Use A Fan Or Ice Pack (Or Both!)

If you don’t use air con, fans and ice packs are your friend. Place a fan near the bed to give yourself a breeze and ventilate the room, and wrap up some ice packs in a blanket to take to bed with you. Some people swear by using ice and fans together, stacking ice cubes in front of their fan to make the wind extra cooling. Worth a shot!

9. Don't Exercise Late At Night

Working out should not be a just-before-bed activity if you’re looking to have a fresh night’s sleep. Even after stopping your exercises and showering, your heart rate and body temperature can stay raised for 20 minutes, and continue to sweat for even longer. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to cool down before bed.

10. Remember To Reverse Your Underquilts

If our Australian Made Wool Underquilt is your preferred product, remember that it is fully reversible and can be used all year round. One side is Wool Pile for Winter or cooler months, and the other is 100% Cotton for the Summer. Time to make the switch.

Lisa Levi

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