Your Summer-Ready Home Ten tips to get your home ready for entertaining over the festive season.

Your Summer-Ready Home Ten tips to get your home ready for entertaining over the festive season.

by Lisa Levi October 26, 2022

 ‘Tis the season for all things entertaining!. With Summer fast-approaching and, dare we say it - Christmas - just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to entertain guests at home. While this time of year can be festive and fabulous, hosting can also feel overwhelming. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, dinner party or have guests from out of town staying with you - these ten tips will make sure your home is visitor-ready all Summer long so you can be present with your company and enjoy the magical time of year too!


The goal is not perfection, we know homes were meant to be lived in. But having less clutter means less stress for you when guests decide to turn up. Think bathrooms, kitchen and even the backyard - bikes and toys your kids are not playing with at the moment and those projects hubby started last Summer can all go away into the garage. Once you’ve decluttered, taking a few days to really deep clean your home at the start of Summer will put you ahead of the game. 


It might sound obvious but having the guest room ready to go means that when dinner guests turn into sleepover guests, you won’t need to give it a second thought. It’s amazing if you have a spare room that can be made up in advance- but even if you don’t, having extra sets of clean sheets, bedding, towels and toiletries will take the pressure off. 



When making up the bed, focus on a good quality mattress or consider adding a Mattress Topper, super soft and silky Sheets and Pillows in varying sizes so your guests have options. We recommend white sheets for guest beds, there is a reason hotels choose white! They give a feeling of luxury and cleanliness. You can’t go past 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets, not only are they incredibly soft, but they also feature so many health benefits including being hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and temperature regulating - trust us, your guests will thank you! A throw left at the end of the bed also adds texture and cosiness.

The 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets are silky soft. Available in a beautiful range of colours.


Again, very fortunate if you have a spare bathroom in the house that you can leave sparkling clean and keep the kids out of ;). If not, making sure the essentials are ticked off in advance means you can do a quick once over before guests arrive and you’re good to go. Keeping some bougie hand soap, fluffy clean towels and your favourite scented candle to bring out for guests adds a beautiful touch of luxury. Our classic 100% Bamboo Towels come in 10 beautiful colours to match all bathrooms. 


If you’ve been following for a while you know we are huge fans of bringing a little greenery inside the home. Flowers and indoor plants are a great addition whatever the weather, but as your garden should now be fully in bloom, take advantage of the cuttings to brighten up corners of your home without the huge price tag. Small posies are a great way of making a big impact and can be added to your table settings, bathrooms and guest rooms.



Have a few entertaining tricks up your sleeve and ready to bring out if needed. Depending on the occasion, it could be games for the lawn like a bocce set, extra toys for the pool, marshmallows if you have a fire pit, some “would you rather” cards or your favourite conversational game for later in the evening. It’s these little details guests will remember.



Not just your average cocktail station, they don’t just look gorgeous but are functional too.  Having a bar cart set up in another room of the house gives you options to move guests away from the dining room to relax while you finish up in the kitchen or a place to move guests inside if the weather turns. Give the cart a theme like DIY margaritas for a fun touch.


Whether you’re inside or out, the energy your guests feel when they arrive is everything. Keep it simple and follow the 3 ‘S’ - sight, smell and sound. Sight -think about what kind of lighting will complement the occasion whether it’s candles, brighter lights outside, dimmed lights or lamps indoors. Smell - lighting incense, using diffusers or candles, not forgetting the entrance when guests are arriving. Sound - the perfect playlist can make or break and studies have shown that food tastes better in a room with music playing. If you haven’t got time to create your own, apps like Spotify have playlists for every occasion.


The little details make all the difference. Chill drinks in advance, have lots of ice on hand for water and cocktails and make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with toilet paper, tissues, soaps and candles. If you’re hosting outside don’t forget to have extra pool towels, sunscreen and mozzie spray. 



You’ve spent the time prepping the house so now it’s time to sit down and relax with your friends and family when they arrive because that’s when the memories are made!


Lisa Levi

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