Is Bamboo Bedlinen A Sustainable Choice?

Is Bamboo Bedlinen A Sustainable Choice?

by Lisa Levi February 22, 2023

Is there anything better than climbing in a cozy bed after a long day? How about climbing into silky soft sheets knowing that the bedding you and your family are sleeping on is not only healthy for you but isn’t harming the environment? Sounds pretty good to us and considering we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, it makes sense that we care about how our bedlinen is made.

The idea of living sustainability at home has become a popular topic. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to help our planet by making simple swaps in our everyday lives. At Pure Zone we have a passion for natural fibres and are committed to bringing you a variety of options to suit your personal preferences. 

Without sounding like a parent favouring one child (because we really do love them all!), when it comes to sustainability there is a clear winner - our 100% Organic Bamboo range. Let’s take a look at exactly what makes Bamboo bedlinen sustainable and why we love it so much for ourselves, our families and you, our customer!


If you’ve been here a while you’ll notice we rave about Bamboo for the bedroom and bathroom and there’s a reason for it.

Bamboo is a unique plant created by nature. For many centuries, Bamboo has been utilised around Asia in an array of ways – cooking, medicine and construction. Most recently, technology has developed to transform Bamboo plant fibres into fabrics, which can be used for Bamboo clothing, textiles and luxury bedding.

Despite Bamboo's beginnings as a hard plant, the fabric that it produces is super luxurious and cosy. The pulp of the Bamboo grass is ground into delicate fibres, which are then spun and dyed to be woven into the soft fabric of our bedlinen. 

The resulting product in fabric form is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial making them a perfect choice for those with skin sensitivities and allergies. As a natural fibre, Bamboo is capable of wicking moisture away from your body when you sleep, to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night. It is also more efficient – holding three times its weight in water which means Bamboo bedroom and bathroom products dry twice as fast as Cotton does on its own.

 Our 100% Organic Bamboo Check Quilt Cover Set pictured here in Nude. 


Bamboo is super fast-growing and regenerative, making the plant itself naturally sustainable from the get-go. A few facts -

    • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, growing 33% faster than trees!
    • It’s a regenerative plant (this means the soil on which it grows isn’t damaged after each harvest.)
    • Bamboo self-generates from its own roots, so it does not need replanting, propagating or maintaining. 
    • It grows easily without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers.
    • It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. 


A sustainable fabric is one that is produced consciously, with consideration given to every stage of production. They are often made from natural or recycled materials with an active effort made in reducing environmental impact. For example: water conservation, reduction of waste, lowered carbon emissions or soil regeneration. The resulting product should be made to last a long time. Bamboo textiles are robust and if taken care of can have a far greater lifespan than others.  


Something to be aware of is that not all Bamboo is produced ethically and sustainably. Because of this, it’s important to know that the company you purchase from sources their textiles from sustainably certified operations. So how do you know?


YES! It is. Our Bamboo Bedlinen is Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified so we can confidently say our fabrics are processed and produced responsibly. Oeko-Tex is an internationally recognised certificate that strictly regulates the manufacturing processes of textiles. Products that have the Oeko-Tex certificate are recognised as being entirely free from over 100 chemicals and substances that are harmful to both the environment and humans. It ensures certified materials such as our Organic Bamboo, are free from harmful chemicals and won’t harm the users health. Along with the Oeko Tex certification, they are 100% Organic and free from harmful toxins. This means that they take less time to break down than other bedlinen, which may consist of synthetic or toxic materials. Because of this our 100% Organic Bamboo Bedlinen and 100% Bamboo Towels can also be composted at the end of their long life.

We believe a 'Pure Zone' is a happy and healthy home. Therefore, we strive to produce quality, affordable textiles enabling you to create your Pure Zone. Our strong, Australian family values underpin who we are, how we act and what we create. Our products are created by our family, with your family in mind! If you have any more questions related to the sustainability of our Bamboo Bedlinen or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us over the phone or via our web chat.

Lisa Levi

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