Wool Quilt 500GSM

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This luxurious Wool Quilt is filled with fine, high quality Wool which has the ability to breathe, absorb moisture, keeping you warm and comfortable.

500GM in fill weight.

Cotton Outer Casing. 

  • Wool Quilts have layers of wool sewn in a pattern to ensure even distribution of warmth and prevention of wool moving whilst sleeping. It is a superior quality Wool Quilt with a durable Cotton Japara Cover. It has natural water-proofing tendencies.

    Wool Quilts are warm in Winter and cool during Summer.

  • 500GSM Wool Quilt Sizes:

    Single - 140 x 210cm
    Double - 180 x 210cm
    Queen - 210 x 210cm
    King - 240 x 210cm

  • Caring for your Wool Quilt

    All Wool Quilts are Dry Clean Only.

    Light stains can be surface cleaned by sponging with damp cloth. We recommend you fluff and air your Wool Quilt regularly to retain freshness.

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