Marcella Patchwork Quilt Cover Set

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Pure Zone Patchwork Quilt Cover sets are the perfect accessory for any bedroom décor. The bold contemporary design is both interesting and modern.

With scalloped edging, the Pure Zone Patchwork Quilt Cover sets have the look of a coverlet but gives you the option of inserting your own quilt for the colder months or can also be used by themselves in the warmer months being heavier than a Flat Sheet but still lightweight. 

Quilt Cover set includes Quilt Cover and Pillowcase(s).


Patchwork Quilt Cover Set Sizing Guide:

Single: 140x210cm 
Double: 180X210cm 
Queen: 210X210cm 
King: 245x210cm

    • Coverlets are traditionally used as an over the bed cover or throw or to add texture to your existing bedding.

      Please note these are not full length bed spreads. Please always refer to the Size Guide if you are unsure if the sizing is right for your bed.

    • Pure Zone Coverlet Sizes:

      Single = 140x210cm
      Double = 180X210cm
      Queen = 210X210cm
      King = 245x210cm

    • At Pure Zone, we recommend cool to warm machine wash on a gentle to normal cycle. Always use a mild detergent that should be dissolved prior to adding your bedlinen, and should not come in contact with the bedlinen.

      Once your bedlinen has finished its washing cycle, we highly recommend removing it from the machine immediately so it doesn't stay wet in the machine for too long. This will help avoid extra wrinkles in the bedlinen. Line dry your Pure Zone Cotton bedlinen with fresh air in the shade, and fold when dry. However, if you want to tumble dry your bedlinen, then please do so on a cool setting. Remove immediately and fold.

      When following these Care Instructions, ironing should not be necessary. However, if desired, warm iron only that does not come into contact with any embroidered features.

      Another thing to be aware of when caring for your bedlinen, as Cotton is a natural fibre, it is best to avoid any Bleaches, Peroxide, Skin treatment creams or Self-tanners.

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